Shizenz - Ultimate Potent and Hydra Quench (Review)

July 05, 2016

Hello Beautiful! A few weeks ago, I attended Shizens new launch project with The Butterfly Project joining a lot with other beauty bloggers. 

If you must know, Shizens is one of the brand that is inspired by natural ingredients that offers wide range of skin care and make up product. Shizens continues to grow in Australisa and South East  Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand)

Introducing Shizens latest product, Ultimate Potent and Hydra Quench.

Ultimate Potent
is a skin care product that it designed specially for lifting effect. With it's natural ingredients that it is made from Lady's Finger, it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. It's doesn't stings your face but you can feel an instant lifting effect right after you apply. 

Pardon me if you can't see the water clearly, It's very runny and it absorb into your skin real quick. I can feel a little sticky feeling in the first few seconds after it absorb but after a certain time, the sticky feeling is gone and it become so smooth. 

After toner and essence, apply the Ultimate Potent before moisturizers. Pat them dry and see the miracle!

Two ways you can the Ultimate Potent. Right after make up, also you can apply them without have to worry about ruining your make up. I always prefer this way so my make up can last longer with a mist. I always use a mist to freshen up my make and now I have this but with lifting effect!

Hydra Quench
Is a essence mainly for hydration and it's perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. It's formulated to boost up hydration especially those who have dehydrated skin, I highly recommend you to try this! Also, it has soothing effect so it's a win-win situation for those who have sensitive skin.

Shizens Hydra Quench is in clear and watery texture, it works effectively to replenish, locking the moisturization our skin needed 

After toner, with adequate amount, apply onto your skin and let it absorb!

Shizens Ultimate Potent and Hydra Quench comes in package which is way more worthy. With this, now you can also send to your love ones!!

Get yours now from your closest Shizens shop!

Products Information

Ultimate Potent
Volume: 30ml e 1.05 fl oz.
Price: RM468

Hydra Quench
Volume: 10ml e 0.35 fl oz.
Price: RM168

'With Love' Set
Price: RM468 (Promotion price! NP: RM636)

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