Where to go in Penang Town? x 55 Cafe, Penang & Purrfect Cat Cafe, Penang

February 13, 2014

Come to Penang and don't know where to go? Well, it's okay. Let me suggest you one or two place that you need to go! Yes, my title says it all, 55 Cafe, Penang and Purrfect Cat Cafe, Penang. As some of you all might know that, my aussie family came down to Penang for a month stay and my cousins are coffee addict and she wants to see some coffee art. So I suggested why not 55 Cafe? or Maybe Gusto Cafe. We ended up choosing 55 Cafe cause we also wanna try the coffee there. Hit the coaster highway and turn on the GPS System and here we go!!

First stop, 55 Cafe, Penang

55 Cafe is located right at the corner of a white building. They offers Mediterranean-inspired Cuisine and tapas in an informal dining. (What it says on Facebook).
They serve:

Tapas is an appetizer or snack originated by Spain. Incase you're wondering how Tapas are like, Above is a picture on how you should eat. *Note above picture is via Google not 55 Cafe. Just for your information on how is should be eaten cause i've learn. I didn't know what is it like and when I order, It like that:
Remember to order a bread and topped it with it. They have a set for 2 ppl. You should really go and check it out :)

This was Yuenie's meal. She just not a morning person who can really eat raw food. But she's being *Tam Chiak and wanna ordered Scrambble Egg with Smoked salmon and toast. I ended up finishing her 2 Salmon and half of her egg and because of that, I had too much salmon and feeling really weird like literally all raw food for my day. *Just really don't like the fact that I eat so much for only breakfast.
The food was really going and I just feel like having salmon tapas now. But the food wasn't the reason we go for. The main reason we wanna go is because they have one special tea art which is 3D! How awesome is that? I though they will give the same 3D art when you ordered same thing, but NO! Varieties of 3D art for you. Hence, missed out one 3D art which was the Kitty!
This was Yuenie's Latte, She said it's too bitter.

Yours truly, Hazelnut Chocolate. I ordered the same one as Sholyn. THIS WAS REALLY GOOD and I feel like having one of it NOW!

This is Katrina's Cappuccino and she really love it till she take away another cup.

Overall this was good and I would definitely visit them again. Maybe with my sis. She didn't join us cause she got school. It's was slightly expensive but okay, worth it.

04-262 2611
Hours - Mon - Sun: 8.30am - 10.30pm
Serve: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Time, Dinner
FB page HERE

After that, Straight head up the road there's another cafe which is, YES Purrfect Cat Cafe. It's a cafe where you get to play with cats! Yes. My first thought was what will the smell of the shop be like. But when I reached there, I was surprise. Place was cleaner then never. Smells better than my dog.
But they have a little rules which is we have to Spend minimum RM 18 per person to play for the entrance. So we ordered, 4 drinks and a piece of cake.

When we first reach, there were only 2 kittys to play with. We asked the workers there and they said they have schedule for them. We have to wait another 20 minutes for another 2 kittys to come.

The cats keep standing there as if they are finding ways to escape. 

Isn't it the cutest thing? *Bitch please! I'm fabulous.

Look at the face!

Purrfect Cat Cafe
Tel: 04-261 1197
Hours: 11.00 am - 9.30 pm

Their FB page is HERE

That's it for today :) Signing off xx, C

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