Maa Roy Thai Seafood Restaurant @ Krystal Point

February 03, 2014

Hey guys, it's the forth day of Chinese New Year already. How's your celebration going? Mine is pretty much done and Ang Pows is so good this year! Anyway, my title says it all, Maa Roy Thai Restaurant. Mom made a sudden call about Thai Food @ Krystal Point and I said i'll check them out and i'll call her back. Spending few minutes checking and seeing reviews I suggested her to go Maa Roy Thai Restaurant. It is located next to Fireplace Bar. We went there a little bit early and they were not open yet. Chilled at Fireplace Bar while waiting for them to open and at 6pm, we rushed in!

Above pic are from google

Pictures below are from yours truly using my iPhone to capture and result are pretty much satisfying.

Anyway, back to the main topic. They have ala carte or set dinner and we chose set dinner with the addition of Miang Kam. They have 4 sets and our order was Set C for RM 220. Just enough fro 6-8 pax

The additional appetizer we had was Miang Kam
 This is how we eat them. We wrap in all the ingredient and add the sauce and eat them!
 They have an option for papaya salad or mango salad but we chose mango salad.
 Tomyam Seafood
 This was my favorite dish! Otak Otak in Coconut. If you ever go there, it's must to eat this! I rate it 10/10
 Crispy Morning Glory with seafood is their special dish. It's actually fried kangkung with shrimp
 Deep Fried Pandan Chicken
 Thai Steam fish with Lemon.
 Kailan Salted Fish
 Lastly, Desserts. Tup Tim Krob. Its Red Rubies with Jackfruit.

Overall the food is really good and I don't mind going in again. I skipped my diet meal today and it's definitely worthy. They have varieties of sets, set for 2, set for 4 and so on. The sets come with rice and chinese tea therefore, my craving for coconuts fail but they serve coconuts.

Ratings: 8/10 (Bad - Good)
Price: 7/10 (Bad - Good)
Services: 8/10 (Bad - Good)

That's it for today! xx C

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