May's 18th Birthday x Kaffa Espresso Bar

May 11, 2014

Foremost my apology for my absenteeism again. Fret not because today i'm here back to share a few things with you all. My Vogue For Virtue ends and no surprise to the result. I'm happy with it and no regrets plus it's a well gain experience for me. Secondly, some of you might know, I started schooling again. Yes, I'm currently in Form 6. Here comes all the school teachers, and homework's and the worst part is waking up at 6 in the morning and leave by 6.30pm just to avoid traffic.

Anyway, just to cut the ice, Last few days was my beloved Darling's birthday. We celebrate with her belatedly because it's was the only day we all aren't occupied. After so many stuff, we decided to have a short lunch at Kaffa Espresso Bar. Since it's was our schooling day, hence our late lunch.

It's really a cozy place to chill plus with the raining season. Double Combo! So before we proceed, let's go to the food shall we?

Typical me ordered their greek salad. (RM 18.90)
Janelle had Oriental Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti (20.90) *Photo credits to Chan Seng
 Chan Seng had Porobello Mushroom Spaghetti (RM 20.90) *Photo Credits to Chan Seng
And the other 3 girls had Spaghetti Creamy Tomato/ Chicken (RM 20.90) *Photo credits to Chan Seng
Chan Seng's Salted Caramel Macchioto (RM 12.50)
 Hot Chocolate (RM 10.00)

 After that, just right next door, they have another cafe which is Brew Thirty Two Coffee House. We went there to have a small celebration for Mei Ling. Once Again, Happy Belated Birthday Honey *Kisses
A green tea latte crepe for the birthday girl!

Chan Seng was really hungry, and he wants to eat more and he ordered Raspberry Crepe *Photo credits to Chan Seng

After this, the girls still wanna stroll around and since we haven't try the famous Churros at The Alley. So just around less than 5 minutes drive we headed to The Alley. (RM 9 for large) 
Photo Credits to Chan Seng.

Now let's do a short review shall I?
I'll start with Kaffa Espresso Bar.
- The place is truly cozy and It's an ideal place to spend and chill with friends. But for the food and drinks it was alright. I've taste better one but it's worth a try. The price is average. I mean you wanna go such place, it's okay to pay a bit. Their service were efficient and maybe I'll visit it another time :)

Brew Thirty Two Coffee House.
They don't do services for birthday but I understand that. But it's okay. I don't fancy cakes or crepes but I can say their crepes are not the best. Despite the environment is okay. RM 12.50 for a crepes is quite expensive I think? I never have crepes before so this is my first time.

They Alley.
They're famous for their Churros Dips and If you don't know what Churros are, they're actually like a  fried dough pastry and they have different choices of dips for you to choose. My friend ordered Nutella and Salted Caramel. And I don't like that. But it's okay if you wanna try. But before you go. Go early and try to order everything at a time cause it takes more than 15 minutes to prepare the churros.

That's all for today. I promise i'll be back soon :) xx, C

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  1. wow so young only! good to see more young blogger in penang! =D

  2. Music and decorations are vital for any party. When eye-catching fluorescents are teamed with warm earth tones, it becomes the perfect pairing and both look their best.

  3. OMG that food looks so yummy!

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  4. Please go to more cafes in Penang, as I am collecting a big list of them and will visit all when I am back! Cheers