Etude House Correct & Care Cream #Glow (Review)

April 18, 2014

Foremost, truly apologise for my absenteeism in blogging just recently, I've been caught up with dramas, and yes, you guys would probably know that I took a huge courage and join Vogue For Virtue 2014. At first I thought I would probably got kicked out after the audition but surprisingly, I made it to semi finals. I'm now in Top 25 and I shall pray I'll make it to final. 

Anyway, let's get to the main topic of today, shall we? My title says it all, Etude House Correct & Care a.k.a CC cream. They have many meaning lies behind the word "CC". It can be Colour Corrector Cream, Correct & Care and you name it. Some people ask what's the difference between "BB Cream" and "CC Cream", Which one should I use? Or which one is better. Well, let's make this easy:
BB Cream = Make up with Skin Care (More Coverage)
CC Cream = Skin Care with Make up (Less Coverage)

It depends on which cream you're looking for, If you're looking for more coverage then BB cream. Whereas if you're looking for less coverage then CC Cream. Now they have a new upgraded version of BB and CC cream which is DD Cream. I have yet to found out what's that so, if you know maybe you can enlighten me :) 

Back to the title, back them when I was working as a beauty consultant, I get to try BB cream and CC cream. Ever since I started using CC Cream, I'M IN LOVE. Then here comes my dilemma. Which CC Cream to choose. Made a lot of comparison and here's what I get. Etude House Correct & Care Cream.
They have two option for you to choose, Silk and Glow. Silk is most for matte. For those who have oily skin you can try that. Glow is of course Glow. For those who have dry skin and use this.

It claims to have 8 Function: Anti Aging - Stress Relief - Hydration - Whitening - Sun Protection - Tone Up - Smooth Texture - Luminosity.

I honestly like the packaging, especially a pump tube. Hygienic much. 

Let's start with the swatches on my hand. 

A small pump like this of course will not cover my whole face. I probably need another half pump. The consistency is not runny which is what I like about it.  
It's always my kind to mix in a base makeup to my foundation or BB cream or CC cream. I mixed in with my 3CE Face Glow with the ratio of 1:1

Too Glowy you think? Fret not. it slowly absorb to your skin. Which is why you have to apply your basic skin care so they can be absorb. 

I use this as my last step of skin before I head out.I finish it with a touch of loose powder on my T Zone and C Zone. 

Let's see what I think about this CC Cream.

Anti-Aging and Stress Relief
- I'm not sure about anti aging but stress relief? Doesn't sounds right. I'm not stress when I apply them so I don't it it works or not.

Hydration and Whitening
- I apply my daily skin care so i'm not afraid that it will dry out my skin. For whitening, it whitens my face when I apply them but after washing, I can't guarantee cause I'm using whitening face product also :)

Sun Protection and Tone up
- I never like putting sun block on face cause it becomes sticky and oily and it clog my pores. But this one have SPF 30 so I think it's alright to me. But for the rest of you, I suggest you putting your favourite sun block and try to stay away from the sun. YES, No doubt, it tone up my skin. Applying it like there's nothing on my face. I look like I have flawless face.

Smooth Texture and Luminosity
- Indeed, it has smooth texture. Very easy to apply on your face. After applying my skin became brighter and glowy

- As I said, it's CC Cream and it has very minimum amount of giving you coverage for your blemishes and scars. So if you have a very minimal blemishes and scar, you can cover them with concealer.

Oil Control
- For oil controlling i'm quite satisfied. It can last up to 3-4 hours. My face is really oily and I have to blot them at least once a day. But having oily face isn't that bad. It's the glow in you!

- It's a little bit pricey but tolerable. If you want something good you have to pay a little bit more.  It cost around RM 80. I forgot the price cause when I buy this they were on promotion.

So, what I really like about CC Cream?
-  Compare CC Cream to BB Cream and Foundation, I like using CC Cream for daily outings. I have minimal acne scars and I can deal it with good concealer. As for BB Cream I actually like foundation. Cause it you wanna use BB Cream it means you want coverage and why not just go all the to foundation and it gives you perfect coverage! But for foundation, I'm not fond of using MAC or Bobbi Brown foundation. I still like using Korean or Taiwanese make up base product. Why? Simple! They somehow have skin care in it.

I'm ending this post with a few picture of my wearing the CC cream. (Below picture using Casio Camera)

Using my iPhone with no edit.

I still have a lot of pending post! Stay tune alright? There will be another review coming soon! And probably more cause I'm hunting for more beauty product! That's all! xx, C

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  1. interesting!!

  2. wow really does make your skin look like its glowing in the pictures!