TWG Macarons

February 06, 2014

Hey there, last night I headed to Gurney Paragon with the family for a drink but before that we stopped by TWG to get some macarons. It's my first time going there as they launch their store not long ago. I've tried making macarons and I'm sure i've shown you all several result and nope I did not succeed Going in any restaurant and get macarons it's always the same recipe, Almond Ground, Caster Sugar, Icing Powder, Eggs and colorings but what makes TWG special for their Macaron? Their Macarons are infused with their signature teas and we know how special their tea is.

For TWG, you purchase them for RM 5 each or
  • a box of 6 for RM 30
  • a box of 12 for RM 60
  • a box of 24 for RM 120
I bought a box of 6 and they only have 10 different flavour namely,
  • 1836 Black Tea & Blackcurrant
  • Napoleon Tea & Caramel
  • Earl Grey Fortune & Cookie
  • Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut
  • Bain de Roses Tea
  • Camelot Tea & Praline
  • Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya
  • Lemon Bush Tea
  • Moroccan Mint Tea
  • Matcha
I shared the box of 6 with sis and Yuenie so it makes 2 for each of us.
From left: Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya, Camelot Tea & Praline, Moroccan Mint Tea, Matcha, Earl Grey Tea Fortune & Cookie and 1836 Black Tea & Blackcurrant

So far, I highly recommend you to try Matcha and 1836 Black Tea & Blackcurrant but you can try others if you want. Bain de Roses Tea ran out so maybe you can try and tell how it is! 

That's all for today, and btw, did I mention? I got a job already! Yay! Not quite a good pay but it's okay , at least I have a job to do and not lingers at home doing nothing!

Alright Signing off. xx C

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