DIY Green Tea Face Mist

February 20, 2014

Ever heard of face mist? I bet you did! It's one of the most hottest thing in makeup routine! If you don't have any mist because they are too expensive and out of your budget, fear not! Recently I came across to a youtube video and she was DIY-ing face toner/mist using natural ingredient and I thought hey why not give it a try. Because you know how important mist are. They helps you to freshen up on a hot day, adheres your makeup longer and gives you a natural look! Not only that, I'm using the ingredient which are known for their good benefits to our skin.

All you need is:
A cup of green tea
Vitamin E Oil ( You can buy it at local Drugstore)
An empty spray bottle

We all know green tea are known to help weight-loss. Regardlessly, they also helps to improve our skin condition. Green Tea contains anti-oxidant which are effective against free radical. Besides that, research shown that green tea helps the skin against sunburn and tanning when apply locally and also anti-aging and prevent ugly wrinkles. Apparently, I googled the benefits of green tea and guess what I found! Yessss, the number one worst enemy to most teenagers. ACNE. It's a great aid as the anti-bacteria content. So to those acne prone skin out there, this might help you!

So how to make Green Tea Mist? Easy as ABC

1. First brew green tea in a hot boiled water and leave it soaked for 15 minutes. (You wanna kill those unwanted germ in the water and get those good benefits from the green tea)
2. Pour in a few drops of Vitamin E Oil into the empty bottle.
Approximately this amount.
3. Pour in the brew Green Tea into the bottle.
4. Close the bottle and shake well!
Tadaa! Behold your DIY Face Mist!

TIPS: If you want too, you can add roseship Oil for curing acne scars or Add in argan oil for more shiny effect. 

Now, how to use them? Simple!

Before applying makeup, spray this upon your face to allow your makeup adheres on your skin. 

After applying makeup, spray this to your face to get the natural look you need! The more you spray, the more dewy your makeup.

During the day, Spray it on your face to freshen up! Spray anytime you want but remember to blot those excess oil on your face

During the night, before applying your toner, spray this on your face and you will feel something different on the next day!

Of course not only green tea you can use. You can try varieties as long as their benefits is what you're looking for. Stick with me and I'll show you more about green tea DIY. More to come face mist; Orange and Lemon Face mist, Cucumber Aloe Face Mist. (I'll see which one I'm doing next and i'll share it with you guys!)

How long is the lifespan?
After adding Vitamin E Oil, shelf life approximately 2 days. (LATEST UPDATE)* But advice able do in a small bottle so you can fresh one every time!

Where can I find Vitamin E Oil?
Guardian has them. It cost RM 55.90 (I THINK) less than RM 60.

Can I spray it every time?
Of course!

Is it a must to put Vitamin E Oil?
Definitely! It's the main ingredient. In any mist you're DIY-ing, you have to add this in.

Lastly, SELFIESS. Inspired and learn form our Malaysia Celebrity Blogger, JANE CHUCK.
Try this on or maybe you can DIY your own face mist and maybe share it with me? hehe xx.

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  1. that's really flattering! thank you :)

  2. Can i replace the vitamin E oil with olive oil or baby oil? They don't sell vitamin E oil here.

    1. Hi dear, I don't think so. cause vitamin E is a bit sticky type of oil whereas baby and olive oil is really oily. You can find the vitamin E oil in any drugstore like guardian or watson ya :)

  3. Is it okay if I didnt put vitamin e? Ive learn to diy my face mist using youtube. She didnt use vitamin e? Is it okay? Oh and is it okay of I put a few drops of coconut oil instead of vitamin e? Its hard for mw to find it. Help :(

    1. Yes you can use coconut oil. If we use green tea alone, the effect wouldn't be there. because the oil plays the main role. You can use coconut oil but remember only a few drops of it. But beforehadn remember to try it on your hand and see if your skin is allergic to it or not :)

  4. searching for some easy diy face mist and I FOUND YOU ! XD A bit shocking to know how expensive the vitamin E is �� Trying to save budjet as much as I can since yeah Im broke �� but anw if I put the spray mist on the refrigerator how long does it last ? I mean in terms of life span.

    1. Hi there :) I haven't really try putting them in the refrigerator but maybe you can try but I would suggest maybe the mist try not to use for a long term. we wouldn't know what will happen over the nights right :) for safety beauty purposes hehe