Seafood On The Rocks Buffet @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

March 18, 2016

Hey guys!! Good news to share out with all the seafood lovers out there! Hard Rock Hotel Penang has all new seafood available every SATURDAY starting from 2nd April 2016. Hard Rock Hotel Penang is now offering the scrumptious seafood buffer with a twist of Japanese and Chinese Fusion cuisine exclusively at Starz Diner.

Starz Diner's Seafood On The Rocks Buffet offers varieties selection of seafood ranging. From appetisers, sushi & sashimi, tempura, teppanyaki, chinese cravings, dim sum and MORE!.

Above are all the chef that are involved in preparing for the buffet dinner.

From left to right: Rizal bin Hashim (Sous Chef), Abdul Rahim Bin Mohammad (Sous Chef), Zulkapli Hatim (Executive Chef), Mohd Nazir Bin Aziz (Chef De Cuisine) and Yoong Toy Heng (Chinese Sous Chef)


Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado

The smoke salmon is just right and goes well with avocado. Definitely a healthy choice!


 For sushi lovers, you all have the choice of fresh sushi, maki, tamale, futo maki, california maki, kappa maki, oshinko maki, inari, kanpyo. and chawan sushi was part of the main dish

Seafood On Ice

 Yes! Oysters!! Fresh seafood of boiled prawns, bamboo clams, scallops, oysters with tabasco, lemon, cocktail dressing, shallot vinaigrette. I personally loves oysters with lemon!! it's so good that i have to ask you to eat!


Just like any buffet dinner, soup is always everyone's favourite. Hard Rock provides prawn & selfish bisque. Served with assorted bread and butter.

Main Dishes

 Deep fried prawn with nestum is love! Everyone loves prawn with nestum!

Ying and Yang fried rice! is more like any other fried rice except this is real good! I'm a fan of fried rice by the way!

Teppanyaki station



 Slipper Lobster. 

Yaki Udon

Beef with coma sauce

Condiments: Tongarashi Lime, Mayonnaise, Seaweek salsa, and wasabi mayonnaise.


Soya Bean milk with glutinous ball and ginkgo nuts
Green Tea Cheese Cake
Assorted French pastries
Red Bean Jelly

Hard Rock Hotel Penang provides different choice basing on the week. So here could be a lil help for you.


 WEEK 2 & WEEK 4

that's all for today!!

To reserve, please call +604 886 8057 or email

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