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April 19, 2016

Hey guys! it's been a while since i finally have the time to just sit and write. If you all must know, my skin used to be oily and now it has become dry. I'm so happy with the result as it has gotten better than before that I don't have to feel stress about it. Recently, I receive a skin care product namely Hanhoo.

Hanhoo - the famous skin care brand founded in 2009, China. It is the first company to launch natural skin care brand product. Under its "made in natural" philosophy. Hanhoo is growing rapidly and exploded in the market very successful. Until today, Hanhoo receive many Beauty Awards since 2010. Besides, they are also one of the main sponsorship for "The Voice of China" and "Duets China". Foremost, I shall introduce you the brand Ambassador of Hanhoo, Huang XiaoMing, Gianna Jun a.k.a Jun Ji Hyun and the latest, Kim Soo-Hyun

Till there then I shall show you the products!
"Golden Plant Extract Tea Bud Exfloliating Gel"

Helps to exfloliate + skin repair + nourishing

3 things that will helps promoting the growth of new skin :
  • Papain Solition : Soften the dryness and helps pores to opened up for breathing
  • Suction Purification : Removal of turbidity and brightening the skin
  • Nourish the skin : the gold microsphere can release essence to nourish the skin

Exfloliating your skin is very important and it's the crucial steps to archive clear skin. Hanhoo "Golden Plant Extract Tea Bud Exfloliating Gel" helps to exfoliates dead skin and open up your pores to breathe so you don't have any clogged pores inside. Without exfoliating your skin, if your dead cells blocks your skin therefore, your skin can't absorb any nutrients from your skin care regardless how expensive your skincare is also it leads to clogged pores which causes your skin to breakout! Besides, after removing all the dead cells, your skin can look brighter and smoother.

Hanhoo Golden Plant Extract Tea Bud Exfloliating Gel is made naturally that it's gentle towards any skin including sensitive or trouble skin. Also, it's natural made helps to exfoliate your skin smoother and oil controlling.

"Power Infusing Essence" - Toner + Serum (2 in 1 essence)

Helps to restore skin firmness, activates skin vitality from deep tissue. Skin will feel fair, tender, smooth from natural secret. Technology TM original 93.4% double up yeast essence. The yeast essence from the extraction of the natural yeast up to 93.4% concentration can maximise the effect. 
Also, it helps to maintain skin elasticity, smooth and tender skin. It contains protein, vitamin B, minerals, immune polysaccharides and other 4 major categories of a total of 50 kinds of natural nutrients.

Essence plays an important part if you want to archive clear skin. Hanhoo "Power Infusing Essence" is a 2 in 1 essence that you don't have to apply toner as it has toner effect too! Without any hassle, you can directly apply onto your skin right after cleansing.

"Hanhoo Talent Mask Series" - Natural Organic Mask
Helps to nourish your skin.

Moisturizing - Golden Algae & Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Mask
Contains : Gold Seaweed + Hyaluronic Acid + Hot Spring Water

A steady steam supply moisture to improve dry skin due to lack of water. Leaving your skin soft and comfortable

Brightening - Saussurea & Pearl Brightening Mask
Contains : Snow Lotus + Pearl + White Fungus

Helps to improve rough skin and leaving skin glossy and transparent so that skin becomes crystal clear and shiny.

For me, it helps my dull skin to be brighten up. I have dull and rough skin hence, this mask is quite necessary to me when I feel my skin is dull. It's just not right to have dull skin and I hate it as much as everyone do. 

Anti-Acne - Tea Tree Oil Anti-Acne Mask
Contains : Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree oil contains a variety of constituents (such as alpha-terpineol), with terpinen-4 ol being the purported main active ingredient. A preliminary study published in Letters in Applied Microbiology found that tea tree oil components terpinen-4-ol, alpha-terpinen had antimicrobial activity against proopinibacterenium acnes. The skin dwelling bacteria is involved in the development of acne.

An anti-acne product thats helps to clear acne and oil control also sooth and improve rough pore problem. Leaving skin smooth and moistures. Specialise product for acne prone skin

For me, after first use, my skin got sooth instantly and less red. Also again, I have rough and dry skin, with this alone has already helped me in all I need.

Overall, after using Hanhoo product, my skin has gradually improve in terms of acne wise. If you must know I have very sensitive and I can grow acne if I use wrong product on my skin. Therefore, I tried Hanhoo naturally made and thank god it helps my skin! You can look at the photo, i've been using Hanhoo for more than a month and here's the result.

Before I had a terrible acne due to intense make up and late sleep and wrong product use. I even lost my confident to go out with that face and I just stay at home. Thank you Hanhoo for giving me this opportunity to cure my skin. My skin is not perfect yet but I believe it will take time.

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