Chinese New Year Eve 2014 - Reunion Dinner

January 30, 2014

Hey peeps!! How's your Chinese New Year Preparation goes? I bet you guys must be ready cause tomorrow is the day!! For most of you all know, the day before Chinese New Year are call as Chinese New Year Eve and it happens where the family had their reunion dinner and this year, I had my reunion dinner with my family together with my relatives! It was a well spent night and the family all had lots of fun together. It is our thing to join together especially in my family, they can stay there and talk the whole day and still have topic to share with. Well, this is my family.

I just came back from my reunion dinner and i'm trying to rush up so I can write a post before the clock strike midnight. So I had my reunion dinner at CRC restaurant and dinner starts at 6pm and we had to get ready by 5pm. It was a rush as we have to wash our cars today it was real last minute and not only 1 car but 4!! So tired, spend 3 hours cleaning and I hope I burned much calories today. Anyway, got ready by 5 and my make up was quite a mess I don't know but mess.

This year Yuenie, Sis and I planned to get out of our comfort zone by wearing Tradisional Clothes, Cheongsam but in a modern way. Got our Cheongsam from E dream Clothes and we head out. Our relatives were all in RED as to their beliefs Red is Prosperity. At 6pm, the food was serve and you know what it means already. It's time to "Loh Sang" which means Prosperity Toss. I'm sure all of you know what it means. It's a superstitious thing for Chinese people that you toss for prosperity. So i'm  gonna cut the crap and let the picture talk about the menu tonight!

So my OOTN

Cheongsam: E Dream Clothes
Shoe: Agape Boutique


I made it before 12 midnight, Kudos. xx, C

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  1. Great dress! You look gorgeous! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


    1. Hey Melanie! thank you and yes why not :) i have followed you on GFC, Facebook, Bloglovin and instagram! Follow me up too :) xx

  2. love this dress.stay in touch!!!and its good to know that you're an aspiring fashion blogger as i'm :) xoxo