Chobani : Find Your Flavour Soulmate

June 24, 2016

Hi guys!! In celebration of Chobani Flips, They have created a fun flowchart to help you find out which Flip is perfect for you! Having your late night craving but can't decide if you're team sweet or team spicy? Here's your chance to flip and find your flavour soulmate,

Yogurt has always been my favourite to snack in. Breakfast or snacks or even late night craving. I combine them with my favourite fruits or mix it in with muesli. Sounds typical? But with Chobani Yogurt, I have different kind of taste!! Healthy as it sounds great to me!

My flavour soulmate according to the flowchart is Sweet n Salty. My choice of yogurt is definitely Salted Caramel Crunch and Nutty for Nana.

My answer were:

Guilty Pleasure : Pizza
Perfect Friday Night : Night Out
Sunday Brunch Look : Put Together
Cat or Dog Person : Dog
Favourite Smoothie Booster : Antioxidant
How do you share : Instagram

Ta-daaa! Find yours now and do let me know your flavour soulmate!!

xx, C

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