Black Kettle, Beach Street Penang

June 10, 2016

Hi guys!! back from hectic week and i'm here to share one of my favourite cafe in town! Stated on my title, i've been to Black Kettle a few times and I fell in love with the food and ambiance at love at first sight.The cozy vibes they have and their concept are definitely big love!

They have like a little cafe concept in the front and dining at the back. I'm sorry for not taking much photo of the cafe but you should check it out by yourself! Simplicity at its best!

The menu I would say rather limited. I wish I have more choices for fish as i'm a fish lover :D but overall was good.

Soup of The Day (RM 9.00)

Always love pumpkin soup! They also have onion soup and I love them both!!!

Herb Garlic French Fries (RM 14.00)

When I was first had this I though it's gonna be like any other french fries but oh well, I love herbs and I love this one.  

Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast (RM 38.00)

Like a mushroom lover but not for mushroom lover. Its was fine till I finished my pesto too fast. But the gratinated potatoes IS LOVEEEEEEEEE. I'm not a fan of mashed potato thing but this is exceptional!

Spaghetti Lamb Green Curry (RM 28.00)

Who would have thought green curry spaghetti could be this great! 

Grilled Lamb Chop (RM 38.00)

Not the best lamb chop I had but it was okay definitely one of the best lamb chop to compare in cafe categories.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Garlic Butter River Prawn (RM 38.00)

I still miss my favourite Aglio Olio but this Aglio Olio is not the one that I'll always crave for. But the prawn is super fresh and nice!

 Soft-shell Crab Burger (RM 28.00)

 Never have I ever eaten soft shell crab before till boyf keeps ordering it. and guess what now? I'll be the one to snatch with him now ^^ I love the soft shell crab but no, I don't like the burger bread. 

Overall, I've visited Black Kettle for more than 3 times and I shall say it's a must visit cafe to dine in. I have yet to try their breakfast and I'm looking forward to do so!

That's it for today! Love yaaa xx, C

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