NARS Audacious Mascara & Kohliner Eyeliner

November 06, 2015

Hello beautiful!! I'm sorry for the delay about my latest makeup product. Foremost, I would like to thank NARS Malaysia for having for so many times, I must say that I love love love your make up product either from foundation to eyeshadow to nail polish and now to mascara and eyeliner. 

You must have read my title by now already, I would like to share latest NARS fall collection which is their Audacious Mascara and Kohliner Eyeliner. If some of you might know, getting the best mascara and eyeliner is very crucial in makeup. We don't want our eyes to have makeup smudges and we look absolutely horrible especially we wear long hours make up and meeting people. Therefore, I'm here to share what I recently used in my makeup.

AUDACIOUS MASCARA (Black Moon - RM 110) brings you intensity of layers and volume to your eyelashes without having your eyelashes to clumps up. With it's new brush that have 200 folded bristles that helps your eyelashes to look flaking even if your apply as much as layers as you desire. Some of us might be afraid of putting too much mascara and end up having our lashes clumping up but now fret not cause NARS AUDACIOUS MASCARA is design to solve our problem.

This mascara is also versatile in use for our lower lashes. Some of us have problem with applying mascara to out lower lashes but now everything solve! Take note that good things also have it weakness, sadly this mascara is not waterproof BUT its guarantee smudeproof which is more to our concern. Waterproof mascara gives us a hard time to remove them completely therefore, if you're gonna cry, do not try this mascara :D 

First coat is just nice for you if you're gonna put fake eyelashes but for those who wants extra volume  you're more welcome to add triple or more coat!! 

KOHLINER EYELINER (Black - RM 96) is a creamy and matte finish eyeliner. Multi usage for eyeshadow after blending within a few seconds after applying. You can use this eyeliner for smokey eyes on top of that, it's cream base so it's definitely easy to apply on your eyelids, lower eyelids or inner eyelids.

You can purchase them now at Nars Cosmetics Gurney Plaza, Mid Valley Megamall, Pavillion KL

xx, C 

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