October 21, 2015

Hey guys, recently I shared about skin care product that i've been using but we all know that only skin care itself won't help much. Therefore, the invention of mask has always been the best. In the market, there's plenty of mask that have different kind of result depending on what would you prefer. I enjoy dong mask during my free time and you can come over my place and you'll see I have tons of mask!

Recently i've received a mask that seems to be different than any other mask. ANARIA FUTURE is the latest mask in the market from france.

My main concern for my skin are sensitive, dull, acne prone (Sometimes). My skin looks fine in the morning after face wash but after hanging around, my skin got oxidise and become dull.

My skin are lack of hydration, dark spots due to acne scars and uneven skin tone. I would love to try whitening thinking that it will even out my skin tone. Fantastically, this mask has shown me improvement with just one time use! My skin got brighter, skin tone wise got better a little bit and more hydrating. I kinda think that I probably need to rejuvenate my skin cause i'm all about make up on my skin especially sometimes more than 12 hours skin covered with powder. We all know how cosmetics will eat our skin therefore proper care is always needed to maintain.

Anaria future comes with a test tube with its unique "Active Live Peptide"  

To use this mask: 
tear the plastic seal and open up the cover

Using the tweezer given in the box,
Gently pull the mask.

Then, unfold the mask and apply them onto your face. Gentle tap so the mask cover all around.
Leave it for 20 mins and remove the mask. Gently tap in the excess emulsion and let it absorb into your skin.

Here's a result of it. I promise I did not edit anything, everything was raw same time taken but different day due to lighting. but you can see the difference in brightening wise, skin tone wise got much alive!

After - Before 
With just one use! I believe after continuously usage, your skin will be better than never!! Thank you Anaria for giving my this live saviour mask! 

Now i'm a happy girl with this wonderful mask!! 

Here's a short video of my personal review! Do watch!!

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