NARS Dual Intensity Blush

May 04, 2015

Spring is here NARS has launched their new Dual Intensity Blush featuring NARS' exclusive Translation Prismatic Technology which is the new formula for multi-dimensional effect!
To be honest, I must say that i'm never a blush person but what I missed out is that blush is very important in our skin shade. Without blush, I look completely PALE! *true story* You can see a lot of my pics are all without any single blush or shading.  Thank you NARS Malaysia for sending over these babies to save my beauty :D

(Left: Jubilation, Right, Panic) - RM 191

Jubilation - Left: Sparkling seashell pink highlighter 
Right: Shimmering beachy bronze
Panic: Left: Shimmering Shocking Fuchsia 
Right: Shimmering Orange Pink

 With this blush, there's 2 ways you can use! You can use it either on dry or wet brush.
Dry brush for a natural warm glow
Wet brush for watercolour effect

I use Jubilation for highlighting purpose on my upper check which I think they call as C. And I use panic on my apple cheek. I mixed them all together and I love the effect. <3 <3

I love this blush a lot and no doubt, I love using on dry brush because I like natural effect. Ever since then, i've been using blush a lot!!
Signing off that's all! xx, C

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