CoCo INCHIBANYA @ Queensbay Mall [Review]

May 06, 2015


Recently, the world most famous curry house which have over a thousand branches had launched in Malaysia. The second outlet opens in Penang at Queensbay Mall after it's first outlet in 1Utama.

CoCo INCHIBANYA has the tagline of "The tastiness you can choose" which means by, you can customised your meal from the curry's level of spiciness and types of topping to the rice and curry portions. You have up to 30 meats and seafood option such as chicken, beef, pork, prawn and even clam! So far, i've tried their mild and i'm looking forward to go for the challenge for their spiciness!

Spacious place that is enough for 60 seats with modern contemporary, friendly and creativity concept. 

On the launching day itself, local celebrities like super model, Amber Chia and Jeffrey Cheng were there too! Never forget, we have our lovely emcee, Nadia Heng.

As for the food, i'm very pleased with the curry and I definitely will visit them again for higher level of spiciness! But if you're not a person that can take spicy, they have mild flavour for you too! The menu consist of Japanese curry, rice, soup, salads, sweets, beverage and alcohol.

How the menu actually work, is you can customise your own dish.

1st - You can choose curry from the menu book
2nd - Choose the quantity of rice. They have the range for you to choose
3rd - This is the best part, where you can choose the level of spiciness
4th - If you prefer more curry, you can add them


1st - Choose the quantity of rice
2nd - Choose the level of spiciness
3rd - If you want more curry then you can add them with the price stated in the menu
4th - Choose any toppings you want
If you want set, you can just add on for either Set A, Set B, or Set C.

I chose - 150grams of rice, level 4 of spiciness, Standard curry, and topped with kimchi cause I love kimchi and the kimchi is so good.
Level 4 was good to me, I had a taste of level 5 from my boyf and oh gosh, the first bite was okay until you keep eating it. My boyf said it's fine and he finished the whole thing of level 5. I think they should have higher level cause penangites love spicy food a lot!

All though it's all fried food, one thing about it I like is not that oily cause we know how oiliness can effect the rice and curry. But CoCo Inchibanya fried food I can say, it's not that oily.

Or if you opt to try their signature dish, here's one of many them;

Fried Chicken Curry (RM20.00)
They have varieties of chicken choice but this Crispy Chicken going with curry and rice is a great choice. 

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry (RM26.00 )
Fried Crispy Pork Cutler and topped with egg,

Fried Fish Curry (RM25.00)
For fish lover, they have crispy fried fish for you to go with the dish.

Grilled Spinach, Bacon and Corn Curry (RM20.00)
Not a fan of meat, here's one of the signature dish. Spinach with bacon and corn for light eater then don't prefer to go for fried food.

Seafood Spaghetti (RM22.00)
Other than rice, you can try their signature Seafood Spaghetti or perhaps, you're a pasta kind of person.

Pictures with the other blogger, (Shelyn, Fione, Eliza)

Amber Chia and Jeffrey Cheng

Signing off with my selfie :D, C

3F - 03 (B), Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: +604-6431906
Operation Hours: 10.00am - 10.00pm

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