Coffee On The Table

May 31, 2015

After ages I finally have the chance to revisit Coffee On The Table after they moved from Cafe 55. I always love their food and always want to go their cafe. One of my favourite cafe in town!

This time with my cousin and I tag along my boyf also. Since I think he would love to try. Food turn out to be good as always just maybe we are always full after dinner. 

They are known for their 3D art and that could be the reason why people go

Other than coffee art, the food! Tapas set for 2. They serve the best tapas I shall say.

Meat Lovers (RM 63.90)
  • Barbecue Pork Ribs
  • Oriental Style Chicken
  • Mixed Seafood Plater
  • Pork Meatballs
  • Country Mashed Potato
  • French Baguette 

Vongole In White Wine Sauce (RM 16.90)
- Vongole Bianco with clams sprinkle with white wine, chilli, garlic, fresh parsley, and cherry tomatoes

Penne - Plain Aglio E Olio (RM 12.90)
-Traditional Pasta with lightly sautéed garlic flakes in extra virgin oil, sweet basil, cherry tomatoes and olive
Aglio Olio hunting still goes on cause I love agile olio. I've the best aglio olio and the worst but be honest, this lies between them. 

To sums up the whole meal! PERFECT place to dine in

xx, C

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