Kana D-NA Snail & Starfish overnight Turbo booster mask [Review]

April 22, 2015

Mask is always girl's best friend. I hate the fact whenever I apply mask I have to wait and let them sit on my face for a couple of minutes but I end up leaving it for an hour. That is why I love applying sleeping mask! No need to wait, just apply and sleep! Applying mask is one thing but finding the right one is another thing. Recently, I receive this wonderful mask from Kana Mask Malaysia and I must say, I'm really impress by it when I first use and by that I mean by the result is wondrous.

Kana Mask proclaims it helps in:-

  • Reduce wrinkle.
  • Reduce acne redness
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots, age spots, signs of sun damage, and post-acne marks.
  • Helps brighten & even out skin tone and promotes long-term radiance revealing a more radiant glow.
  • Moisturizes the Skin, Reduces the Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

This is what I like and need the most. Acne scars, and skin brightening. Now I can recover my skin while having my Z's. 

I use it and the next day I can see instant result and my friend though I actually apply makeup to school cause my skin got fairer on the next day!

Thank you Kana Mask Malaysia for giving me this such great mask! To buy them, you can contact them at:-
Wechat :huhupama

Whatapps :0125253626
Before buying such mask, I'm sure you girls might wanna try before purchasing them so here's a little gift, I'll be giving away 6 free samples to my readers!!
Here's how to win.
1. Follow me on my instagram (@cherylwennee)
2. Comment on my photo on Kana Mask post OR comment below (blogspot) on why you should win this Kana Mask Malaysia.
3. I'll be choosing 3 lucky winners to win 2 samples.

Giveaway ends at 30th April 2015 (12.00 am) *OPENS ONLY TO PENANGITES

 Good Lucks! <3 xx, C

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  1. I should win the Kana mask because I get insulted at school by so called best friend for being "dark". I have never insulted my best friend before and it made me ponder why she suddenly attacked me with the painful, heart breaking comments about my skin complexion. In order to save myself from her hurtful words, i should apply them kana liquid to prevent my best friend from insulting me.

  2. Hi wen nee :D i have acne scars and some discolouration on certain parts of my face so i wanna try this product out before buying with hopes it will even out my skin tone. I always trust your reviews ever since you suggested nuteen to me but i'm finding something new so i hope i get a chance to try this

  3. Dear Wen Nee, thank you for the giveaway! I would love to be one of the 3 winners <3
    I want to win Kana Mask because I never try sleeping mask before. As you mentioned that you put other mask and gotta wait for 15 - 30 minutes, I am facing this too. Sometimes I am lazy to put mask on but I know that mask are very important. I want to be fair and whenever I wake up from sleep, I can see myself in the mirror that I become more fair each day by day :)