NARS Eye Opening Act

February 24, 2015

Hey guys, previously i've shared a sneak peak about Nars new collection and today i'm about to share these beautiful items i've receive from Nars Malaysia.

When I first receive the items I just can't wait to use and share them with you. I've been using it pretty often no matter what event I have. So here's more details and review about it.

Velvet Shadow Stick | Dark Angel (Brown) & Filbuste (Black) - (RM 98)
This is an eyeshadow stick then looks and work like an eyeliner just the fact you can blend them and it looks like cream eyeshadow. I love how easy it is to apply but the sad back is I don't have the skills and I kinda ruined it a bit but my makeup still looks good. Suitable for smokey eye.
It comes with 5 colours namely:
Dark Angel. Brown
Reykjavik. Grey
Glénan. Blue
Nunavut. Purple
Flibuste. Black

Illuminating Multiple (St. Lucia Sheer Rose) - (RM 145)
This multiple can be use as eye base and you can apply it on highlighting area such as nose and cheeks. This soft creamy type (I think) and it's a bit tanned type so I also use it to highlight my cheek.  I use it as a highlighter and contouring.
Easy to apply.

Yeux Irresistable Eyeshadow Palette - (RM 191)
I must say that I love this palette a lot and I use it almost overtime since I receive. Very convenient either you want natural make up or dark make up. 

(From L-R)
All About Eve Duo - Flesh-toned neutral with shimmer
Jezebel - Shimmery sable
Thunderball - Midnight gray
Colombo - Vintage gold shimmer (MY FAVOURITE) 
Brousse Duo Eyeshadow - Sable
Coconut Grove - Deep brown infused with reflections

My make up featuring Nars Eye Opening Act Collection.
Using: Velvet Shadow Stick (Dark Angel)
Yeux Irresistable Eyeshadow Palette (Colombo + Coconut Grove + Brousse Duo Eyeshadow
Illuminating Multiple 

More photos of me using Nars eye opening act collection.

Thank you Nars for giving me this. I love this collection a lot! 
xx, C

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