Salad Over Dinner | Coffee Elements @ All Season Place

March 09, 2015

It's been awhile since I last update. I've been into so much stuff nowadays I tried juggle in everything I could. OMG I just hope i'm doing fine though. School hasn't been easy for me since the beginning but oh well..

Anyway, this post was suppose to up since last week but due to hectic weeks, I delayed them. Since now i'm in my salad feasting mood I'll just go hunt for whatever salad. Thank God for having a friend who likes salad. I was told by my bestie, Haruki that Coffee Element's salad was good so we decided to have our dinner there.

Outdoor and indoor places for where you prefer.

Salmon Salad for Haruki

Chicken Salad for yours truly. I love Chicken Salad but it would be better off the parmesan cheese :D. I'm getting sick nowadays and I just can't wait till next week holiday! Here comes all the homework and assignment needs to be done! Anyway, if you do know where to get nice salad (without mayonnaise) let me know in the comment below!! xx, C

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