Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) SPF 50+ PA+++ [Review]

August 14, 2014

Hey guys! Recently, BB Cushion has been highly raved by certain beauty bloggers in many ways. Personally, I was disturb by the fact of the using pumped-cream BB cream / CC Cream and add loads of powder, so I said to myself I must get a BB Cushion because it lies between a foundation and face powder. I have oily skin and therefore I need to always blot and fix my makeup and add powder just to make it look less oily which is very disturbing cause firstly, it clog my pores and therefore, unwanted acnes popping out.

After having a dilemma on which BB Cushion to choose, I decided to try Laneige BB Cushion. They have varieties of BB Cushion when I was trying to choose. But if you read my previous, I stated that I went to Thailand and I bough Laneige Product and this was one of it. It cost me 1500 Baht.

I choose Pore Control because it's more focused on Pore Controlling and I have visible pores therefore, Pore Control is my absolute choice. When you purchase this BB Cream, it comes with an extra refillable pact (Or whatever you call it).

Why I love this product?

Firstly, it's anti darkening + sebum control. I've used other BB cream before and it all happens to become a tone darker after a few hours but Laneige NO. It stays fresh throughout the day. My major concern is having oily skin which make my face look weird. I have to blot throughout the day when I use other BB Cream but this! Okay, I have to blot at least one time or sometimes I don't need to.

Secondly, convenient. Everytime, I have to pump the BB Cream on the back of my hand then slowly apply to face but this compact save so much time. Especially sometimes when you're in a hurry.

Thirdly, not cakey. What fear us the most it we wanna look nice but we don't wanna to be seen that we're trying to hard right? Cakey face happens she you put too much powder and when out oil accumulates, there goes the powder work. But this it's does not turn cakey and it stays even when I sweat.

Cons of the product:
Less coverage, it give sheer coverage but not towards big blemishes you wanna cover. 

I've use it for a certain time and I must say I love this product and no regret buying it.

That's it for today, xx, C

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  1. nice look cute :)

  2. Hi !
    How do you feel about the shade range ?
    Is it large enough ?

    1. Hi, The shade range is rather small. Only 3 shades.