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November 03, 2016

Hi guys! It's been awhile since I share with you guys. Well here today i'm gonna share an interesting that you al might like. Stated on my title already, "Shop, Save, Share" 
Have you always love shopping and yet you wanna save? Well, here's a small platform for you to start to do so! Keep reading for more...

Saivian Company Profile Company Name: Saivian Website:
Location: NewYork, New York
United States Opening Ceremony: February 27, 2016 in the United States, Las Vegas Grand Open !!!
In March the number of members of the United States landing 146,000 in the United States has such amazing development is not easy, just received yesterday, the news: the number of members of the United States now reached 500,000, sustained and rapid growth.
Global Global Open: June 25, 2016 Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand, Brazil and other global 25 countries officially grand opening
President: John Shee Han,
Member of the American Association of Direct Selling Associations
Working with banks, legal global business

Income condition
❶ Payment of US $ 125 monthly membership fee and registration
❷ Registered members need to bind Visa or Master Card, (the name needs to match with the bank card)
Direct push only 3 people, more members can be placed in the other members of the team below to help other team members
Direct push 3, the daily arrival of 5 dollars, 150 US dollars a month, can offset the monthly fee of 125 dollars.

Promotion and level presentation
❶ Make 2 lines (double track) before reaching 5 stars. When the promotion to 3 individuals, the company gave 5 dollars a day bonus 150 US dollars a month. When you two lines below, 6 people per side when the company gives you 20 dollars a day, 600 US dollars a month, when you reach 40 people per side, the company to give you 50 dollars a day, 1,500 US dollars per month, 75 people, the company every day to give you 100 dollars, 3,000 US dollars a month. When you reach 150 people per day, the company gives you 150 dollars a day, $ 4500 a month, when you reach 250 people on both sides of the company to give you 200 dollars a day, 6000 US dollars a month, when you reach 375 per side, the company every day Give you $ 300 a month 9000 US dollars [smile]
❷ After upgrading 5 stars, you can do the 3rd line again and reach the highest level
❸ Revenue is settled daily, 365 days, no Saturdays, Sundays or holidays
❹ all levels of the same monthly fee, all 125 US dollars
❺ If you do not pay your contributions in time, for example, April 15 is the date of payment of contributions, and in the April 20 pay, then April 21 to recalculate your earnings
❻ If the district performance is 6 people, one of them did not timely payment of monthly fees, according to the performance of the district 3 standard calculation of income
The level of completion can be valid for a period of time, and the revenue is calculated by the performance of the community.

About electronic wallet
❶ The daily revenue will hit the background of the electronic wallet
❷ Revenues (Revenue & Rebate) With the Saivian debit card (MasterCard) you can withdraw money from the ATM
❸ The first time you apply for withdrawal you will need to accumulate up to $ 125 USD
❹ The second time you apply for withdrawal you will need to accumulate up to $ 250 USD
❺ Start the 3rd time, apply for withdrawal $ 125 ~ $ 10,000
❻ A $ 5 fee will be charged for each withdrawal, regardless of the amount of withdrawal
❼ Is the card available from June?
Visa / Master / Ameran Express / Discovery / Debit Master /
Saifiban's debit card for Saibian Card: $ 125 to $ 10,000 per day
20% of the present is introduced
❶ When registering a member, you must complete the registration using Visa or Master card
Binding a bank card at the time of registration does not affect earnings
If you do not have Visa or Mastercard, you can sign up for an account and earn money in your wallet
❷ If you are a registered member, you will be charged with a Visa or Master card upon registration
❸ add 10 in the Saivian background you often go to the consumer business, the future operation of the consumer will be convenient to return a lot
The added merchant can be changed every month
❹ Add 10 merchants, such as Carrefour, Lotte, Taobao, gas station, supermarket etc., which you often spend, and fill in the consumption date and consumption amount through the backstage every Saturday and Sunday after using the registered Visa or Master card. 28% per month through the return of 20% of electronic wallets. The return of the previous month to receive this month.
❺ $ 60 to $ 300 per week, 20% cash back; $ 240 to $ 1,200 per month, 20% cash back
❻ Annual travel time ticket and hotel consumption up to $ 3,000 back to the present.
Dynamic members: to pay 125 dollars per month (3 members to offset the monthly promotion fee) are eligible to get the bonus and 20% cash return.
General members: to pay 125 US dollars per month, 20% of consumption to enjoy now.
The maximum amount of $ 300 per week to return to 20% upper limit. The following month 28 recorded.
The highest monthly return of 250 US dollars
The maximum annual return of 3,000 US dollars.
to sum up
Since we spend every month and every year, we use Saivian's Visa or Master cards, which saves you up to $ 3,000 a year, just like savings. General members do not need to promote the market, only consumption can also be a very worthwhile choice. If it is a dynamic member, cash back 20% is sufficient to offset the $ 125 per month dues.
Has done a lot of companies, but also did some direct marketing company, never a company's speed is so fast, often the first one or two people to make money, but Saivian is not the same time you and I started with almost the same Because the company's system is, my partner, only you earn, I will earn, then we will naturally help each other down, we would like to Saivian companies are successful, and is the most Fast speed!

If you are keen to know more, you can directly contact Wechat: Arsenalpsooi or PM me to know more :)

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