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August 09, 2014

Hello! It's been awhile. I'm currently not feeling well therefore, I skipped school today. But anyway, I'm gonna do a short post about my trip to Krabi. On that day, we can't really do anything because we took the last ferry down to Krabi and it was 1pm already and we have to be back by the port at 5pm. So 4 hours we can't really do anything. When we reach Krabi Port, it was already 2pm. We rent a mini van again for 1000 baht for 10 people and went to Aonang Beach.

 We have no idea what to do but we only have one thing to do which is FOOT MASSAGE! It's my first time going for a foot massage and god, it's so nice and at a certain part it's so ticklish till I could kick the people. LOL

After foot massage it was almost 4.30pm so we rushed back to the port and took the last ferry back to the cruise. By the time we reach the cruise it was almost 7pm. And we were very hungry, thank god for tea time buffet. We headed to the buffet and grab some bites because our Gala dinner is at 9pm.

Back to our cabin, we get ready for the Gala Night. I'm sorry to say, the food is not a good as before. Maybe it was me feeling full from the tea time buffet and that night, the cruise was a bit shaky. I could feel like I'm floating..

 My mom booked for Chinese Cuisine and I don't very much favour it. I was hoping for western but it was full house by the time she went to book. Next time I shall do the booking. I'm more punctual to the time :)

With Yuenie at the night.

And Natasha.

My makeup for that night,
That's really about it for my trip to Thailand. Although it's the 3rd time I go, I still enjoy it because I love travelling!!

xx, C

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