Holiday In Phuket, Star Cruises Superstar Libra

August 06, 2014

Hey guys! How are you all doing? School holidays just ended and now i'm back to schooling days which is why i'm so sad.. But anyway, during my holiday, my family and I went for 4 days 3 nights stay in Star Cruises Superstar Libra to Phuket and Krabi. Yes, if you read my previous post, I went on this trip before and this was my 3rd time going on this trip.

This trip was a little different from the before trip due to the changes of plan. But anyhow, keep reading for more!

On the first day, we embarked and sail away at 5pm. They always have sail away party and BBQ Party on pool deck.

And then they have Magic show which i've seen before so I didn't bother watching it twice since the Stardust lounge were full already. And me and my sis hit the sack at 10pm.

Move on to the next day, usually they provide us a ferry to the dock at Patong Beach but this time is was high tide and we disembark at the Port. So our original plan to just loiter around Patong Beach failed but no worry, we rent a mini van for 4000 baht (RM 400) for 13 people to tour us around.

Our first stop was cashew nut factory. This is a place where my mom went cray over nuts. She bought cashew nuts and a lot of tidbits.

They have variety flavour of nuts. And this is what I do, I walk a few rounds and just taste them :D *typical malaysian
And here's our mini van for 13 people.
On to the next itinerary, we went to the Central Festival and we happened to start craving for green tea ice cream, we search everywhere and we found one! The made the ice cream on the spot using a idontknowhatitcall machine. My dad called it Fried-Ice Cream. We walked around and we went for a small shopping for our face :D 

Laneige : Blackhead Melting Gel (850 Baht)  & BB Cushion (1500 Baht) We also have tourist discount so it's slightly cheaper.

And then we head off to Patong Beach! We had our tea time there cause Yuenie's were hungry.

 Went to Lai Mai Restaurant and ordered coconut!

Top: Oversize Tee | Sally Fashion 
Shoe: Basketball Style Shoe | Adidas Original
Accessories : Chanel Iphone 5 Casing | Kiosk stall in Queensbay Mall

Afterthat, we headed to Jungceylon for a walk. 

Went for our dinner at Phoong Phang Restaurant and I LOVE THE FRIED RICE :D
After that, at around 9pm we head back to the port and embark to our cruise.

That's all for the trip to Phuket. Stay Tune for more on Krabi.. xx, C

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    1. Im not really sure also. :( my mom settle it everything with points so yeah. but I'm thinking it cost probably around 1k for one person i suppose......