Taiwan Trip Tour [Day 6]

April 06, 2014

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Hey there! how's your day going? I'm sorry I took so long to write my sixth day trip in Taiwan. I can only start writing a proper one when I miss those time. So, counting down to sixth day was our second last day in Taiwan. On that day, as usual woke up at 5.30am and got ready by 7am. Hit the road and headed to our first location which is I don't remember but we went to TaoYuan Airport.

After that, we headed to the Airport at Taoyuan to experience a High Speed Train to Taipei. While waiting, we went to 7-Eleven and bought something to snack on. Tried the Papaya Milk drink (Preserved) and it was good. I like it better than the actual fresh one.

I love how their 7-eleven is different from ours. Look at how many varieties of ready made food!  
And we're ready for our high speed train ride. 20 minutes ride from Taoyuan to Taipei.


After that, our first stop is Xi Men Ding Commercial Area. We walk a while and me and yuenie were dying to find 86Shop. Really disappointed that they don't have it around there. We tried to use foursquare and GPRS but failed. So we walked back to Xi Men Ding and had our drink there. While mom, bought heaps of mask from SASA.

Later on, we headed to National Palace Museum

We're not allowed to take any photos nor even backpack. Not only that, we have to stay quiet throughout the tour in there. Our tour leader has to use a microphone and we can only listen to him through headphone. It's indeed a very nice place with all those Chinese Artefacts. This time, I try to understand what our tour leader were saying I guess I understand a little. 

Then we went to have our early dinner. Like at 5pm cause tonight we're going to ShihLin night market!
I'm definitely not a fan of Dumplings but what to do. They serve this for dinner. Lucky they have fried rice and it was SO GOOD.
After that, we then headed to Shih Lin night market!
 They say we must try the papaya milkshake? And guess what, I tried and it taste not so good. I also tried the carrot milkshake. And oh god, my carrot without milk taste much better. I guess we went to the wrong shop. But they display trophy there.
My carrot without milk.
Yuenie and Sis tried the Hot Star Large Fried Chicken and I shall say it was alright, our penang Taiwan Shihlin taste much better. We then, went shopping around and we found addidas opposite there and bought our kicks! We saw on in JiuFeng market but their out of sizes. We went to search shop after shop and nope! They don't have it. Thank God we found it in ShihLin there.

Head back to the meeting place and head off to our hotel. We sit in the hotel, snack in a little and just chill. That's all! xx, C

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Photo Credit from yours truly and Yuenie.

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  1. Everything looks so delicious especially those dumplings.Seems you really had a good time.

    1. haha yes! i had absolutely great time! Visited your blog!

  2. hahaha everyone go there sure try the papaya milk huh? =D

    1. Yeah! They say its the thing. Even my tour leader said so. but I think the papaya milk was overrated. I think the preserved one in 7-eleven taste much better.