Taiwan Trip Tour [Day 5]

April 03, 2014

Before you continue, check our my fourth day in Taiwan here

Same as everyday routine, woke up early and got ready for fifth day trip! Can't believe it's the fifth day already. On the fifth day, I have a lot to apologize cause, Less pictures were taken because we're actually rushing trying to fit our itinerary.

It's been a week since my trip, and I hope I still can remember what we did. For the fifth day, I can't remember where we go during the morning. But my pictures told me that we went Sun Moon Lake. As far as I remember we had our lunch there.

There's actually a board written all the mountain name and our tour leader were explaining but I couldn't hear :p So, Skipped.

 And then, the Temple.

And here's the Tortoise with Dragon head. Touch it for blessings.

Entrance at the Dragon Door (Right), and Exit at the Tiger Door(Left).
After that, we headed to Peacock Farm.

And after that, it's time for the highlight of the day! Amusement Park! 
Cable Car ride up and down the hill, to go to the  Amusement Isle.

We played around 6 rides in the theme park. There were several games with water. Thank God for natural hair dryer. We ran here and there to find where the ride we wanted located. We practically have 2 hours to play. With the queue and long search, hence 6 rides and no picture. It's a waste. I should have shown you the place :( My bad

After that, we went to Tea Farm and bought lots of Green Tea powder! Buy 1 free 1 is always a good deal. Plus with my mom, she never just buy one.

That's it for today! Read my 6th day here!! xx, C

Photo credits to Yuenie

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