Taiwan Trip Tour [Day 4]

March 31, 2014

If you haven't read my 3rd day trip, you can proceed here.

On the fourth day, as always we woke up at 5.30am. Got ourself ready and hop on the bus and start our journey. First stop was at Fa Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Centre. They forbad us to take any picture after the entrance. Hence, Only the outside scenery. But This is a very nice place to see and tour around.

 There's starbucks right next to the left door. In this entrance, it's all the souvenir shop. The memorial is right behind this building.

After that, we headed out to another temple namely Hsuan Tien Shangti Temple, The Spring & Autumn Pavilions, Dragon & Tiger Pagodas.

After that, it's time for river cruise at the love river.

You see this pink ride? Yes, It can go on both ground and water! 

After that, it's dinner time already. Early dinner.

And after dinner, we had another hour of ride to our hotel. For that day, our hotel was really rated 5 Stars. It's just like another version of Genting but in Taiwan. I present you, Eda Skylark Hotel. This isn't our hotel, Our hotel was Eda Skylark.
You see the ferris wheel? Yes, It's a pavilion down there. Shopping mall, but nothing really much to shop

The room was really big and we just squeeze in 5 people

Hit the sack around 12a.m. And the routine goes on. Click here for Day 5 Tour trip! xx,C

Some photo credits to Yuenie

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