Taiwan Trip Tour [Day 3]

March 29, 2014

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Woke up at 5.30a.m. head over to breakfast and get ready for our 3rd day trip! After our breakfast at the hotel, our first stop is at Chisingtan Beach, Hualien. On that day, the wind was really strong and imagine those cold strong wind blows right to your face and you were freezing to death. Yeap! That's the feeling when I was there. It's a very beautiful place but sadly, I was just to cold to bring out the camera hence, less photo.

A photo of myself with the Chishingtan beach right behind me.

After that we had our fews hours ride to Lingzhi factory. They have their own greeting language which is 'Naruwan'

The bathroom signboard. Really awesome

After that we head over to Taroko National Park and Their Memorial Arch.

 And the Memorial Arch.

 Had our lunch at the nearby restaurant and after that, we went in the park.

And here's we go in!

 There's a shakadang trial down there. We went there for a walk and it was really nothing there.

Before we head to our dinner, we detoured to Marble Factory.

After that we had a few hours ride to our hotel and have our dinner at the hotel which is Shan Shui Shen Spa Resort Hotel.
And this was taken during 6.30pm only. How dark is already. No surprise we had our dinner at 5pm and always supper.

That's it for our third day!

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Some photo credits to Yuenie

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  1. nice! this place i didnt get to visit though.. spa resort sounds like a good one to stay if i happen to go again. ahha

  2. Yes! throughout my 8 days 7 night trip. I've been to 7 different hotels. It's really cozy plus with the cold whether, spa really helps.