Taiwan Trip Tour [Day 2]

March 27, 2014

Woke up at 6.00am in the morning and got ready for our first meal in Taiwan, which is Breakfast at the hotel. I should say that Taiwan's food aren't really my thing. Maybe it's different from Penang's cook and my taste buds only loves penang food but some of the dish is really nice for example, their fried rice. I'm not a rice person and I don't take rice when I'm at home or anywhere but in taiwan, I take rice like everyday. Their rice is just so good I don't know why.

Before you proceed, check out my first day in Taiwan here if you haven't yet.

So, the second day trip itinerary was from Taipei - Yehliu - Chiufen - Hualien
Our first stop was Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

After that we passed by Presidential Place.

After that, we head over to Yehliu scenic Spots

 It was really very windy and cold. I even took the courage to go up the hill just to take picture. 

Although I'm freezing still picture is must.
 Selfie is also a must for this.

After that, we headed to Chiufen Old Town and tried local famous Taro Balls (Yu Yuan).
On that day it was raining and the Market was packed with umbrella and rain water all. Our shoes were all soaked wet! After that we proceed to Hualien by train for 3 hours ride. 

Later on we went for Culture Village Dancing Show. I don't really like it because I don't understand the culture at all.
After that we went for our dinner and head back to our hotels. Had a good rest cause it was a long day. Stay tune for tomorrow's chapter. xx, C

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Some photo credits to Yuenie

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  1. haha nicee! i didnt get to visit there cause when i went that time typhoon. =(

    1. you should probably go visit taiwan again!

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