Taiwan Trip Tour [Day 1]

March 26, 2014

You know what they say, time is not our friend. Remember my last post that i'll be off to my holiday for 8 days? Yes, one week had passed and i'm homebound! This trip was different from our trip to Hong Kong last 3 years as our Hong Kong trip was only our family in one bus but this one we have to join in others family. In a bus of 29 people excluded 2 tour leader and a bus driver, we dominated the bus by 14 people. Anyway, before I started my holiday post, should I announce that on the same day before my flight down to Taiwan, I had my driving test and YES! I failed. But I vowed if i don't pass the next test, someone gonna be my driver for LIFE!

Back to the main topic. I don't know if I should make this post day by day or probably just squeeze little by little BECAUSE, my photos are all not complete accordingly to the itinerary given. So, pardon me if I missed out anything.
Departed Penang at 5.30p.m with our family coming along with others family and guided by our Penang tour leader, Gigi but the flight was delayed half an hour. Hence, arrived Taiwan later than we supposed to be. We fly to Taiwan with China Airlines and can I judge a little? This will be my last time flying with China Airline because, I don't feel safe when i'm in there. It literally felt like roller coaster except for the height wise. Their landing skills really do need to improve like really. They need more practice and the air-hostess there, you're pretty, but please smile more. That's what your job is. There's one lady who gave sour face to the passenger and i'm sorry for complaining but this is my experience. *No hard feelings

Did I mention about the food? It smells so good from far but really, never judge a book by it's cover.
Anyway, arrived at Taoyuan Internation Airport, Taiwan approximately 10pm and we were introduce to our Taiwan tour leader, Jeff. He speaks fluent chinese and their hokkien dialect is slightly different from our local hokkien the best thing is he speaks english too! We speak english with him because our chinese aren't really good so appropriate language would be english. My family took the last seat in the bus which is right behind and we don't really understand what he's saying but at least we understand a little bit. The worst part was he was introducing Taiwan to us, and we literally just dozed off in the bus. Like every time he introduce something and we don't really understand we just dozed off because we were really tired from everyday routine which is waking up at 6am in the morning.

For your information, this trip was an honored cause we get to experience different hotels everyday! We have to check in and check out every single day. The trip plan was:
Penang - Taoyuan - Taipei - YehLiu - Chiufen - HuaLien - Taitung - Kaohsiung - Taichung - Taipei - Penang

On to the first day itinerary, was really nothing cause we arrived late night and there's nothing much to do. We just meet and transfer to hotel for rest. The best thing happen on the first day is the hotel for night! We had our stay at a love hotel namely, U-Com Hotel. The hotel room was designed according to the theme namely; Dreamy Bali Suites, Fun Suites, Ecstasy Suites, Fashion Suites, Refreshing Business Suites and VIP deluxe Suites.

We got Fashion Suites and the room was cool enough for 2 people. This hotel is not like any other hotel we see. They have a porch for you to park your car right in front of your room!

This is for your car to drive in. Cool isn't it?
At night we headed out for a supper right next to the hotel. I don't know the name because it's in chinese. They sells soya, yoo tiao and etc..

After that, we headed to their Family Mart which is more a like to 7-eleven to buy drinks and headed for our rest.

The hotel was exquisite they have Jacuzzi and Yuenie and I went for a dip and you have to look at this. It's really cool!

Cool right? And we hit the sack at 2am in the morning and woke up at 5.30am. Their morning call was 6am but it wouldn't be enough for us. Therefore I have to sacrifice my beauty sleep and wake at 5.30 everyday. I think that's all for the first day! Stay tune for the second day tomorrow!
xoxo. C
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*Picture credits to yours truly

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  1. wooo got jacuzzi so niceee! what hotel is that? =D

    1. U.com. the link is here http://hotel-u.com.tw/en/