Sweet Seventeen Celebration @ The Cruises Steak House, The One

November 24, 2013

Really into black and white nowadays. I don't know why. Yesterday I wore white and black and today vice versa, black and white. 

Top: Gap
Skort: Chalotte Katy 

I had my advance celebration with my friend the other day and yesterday I celebrated my 17th birthday with my family. We really had no idea where to eat and end up I suggested to go The Cruises Steak House at The One since we haven't try there before. I'll let the picture do the talking about the food. The food wasn't really good as I expected but worth the try.

#Appetizer - Garlic Cheese Escargot. *really good!*
Mushroom Soup
 Salmon Soup
 #Main Course - Dad's Honey Grilled Chicken
 Yours Truly Salmon Steak
 Sis's Smoky Chicken

Yan Zheng's Sirloin Steak
 Mom's Snow Sirloin Steak
Yuenie's Lamb Rack
 #Dessert - I don't know what it is. I didn't have them cause there's salt there. :D
This is really my best birthday so far with all those present and much love <3 <3 Thank You Yuenie and sis for getting me a bag :D They know how dying I am for a bag now. LOVE YA'LL

Lastly, selfie for the day

Really blessed birthday I have. Thank you for all your well wish. I have to get back to study 2 more subject and I'm done!

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