Miam Miam @ Gurney Paragon

October 14, 2013

I'm sure you heard of this cafe before. This cafe has been the latest hot thing. I've seen lots of people been checking in here and this I went over there with my family the other. This is past post i'm sorry, I just don't have enough of time to blog. I need to study i'm just so stressed out. So let's make it quick.

It's always flood with people and lucky us the other we went there early so we have seats. I love the environment very cosy and so to the whether the other. Pictures are taken from my iPhone hence, the result.

The food was alright to me BUT I gotta say their famous Soufflé and French Toast are amazing! My dad commented say there's not much varieties but if you're spaghetti lover, you can try :)
French Homemade Bisque Soup

French Caesar Salad with Chicken Slice

Pot Baked Souffle Doria

My terrible mistake for being confuse about the spaghetti it wasn't my order but it's Pasta Pescatore or Pasta Arrabiata

Miam Miam Spaghetti

The famous French Toast and Vanilla Soufflé

Last but not least, my #OOTD

That's it for today. :D stay tune for more xx

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