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September 23, 2013

Foremost, I thank Ninetology's representative for giving me an exclusive invitations. It's my first time to be part of an event like that and I'm looking forward for more (After my SPM)

Anyway, have you all heard about Ninetology? Incase you haven't, it's ASEAN a mobile device technology company. The event was pretty good experience I should say. Thank god Nicole went with me if not i'll be so dumb right there. On the other hand, I've met new blogger, Christinna Kuan she is so pretty!! And I get to meet the well known people like Cheryl Geh and Nicole Linn John.

Back to main topic, Speaking about devices, They have 3 devices namely X1Z1 and Z1+. View their page here for more infos.

"Stand Out" with U9X1 from Ninetology Malaysia on Vimeo.

"Life can be Larger" with U9Z1 v2 from Ninetology Malaysia on Vimeo.

Be "Top Notch" with U9Z1+ from Ninetology Malaysia on Vimeo.

Now back to personal. There were less people who are like the same age with us. Left us the young people stays behind. We 5 girls being girls. we vained and we complained about our angle and all. LOOL! just being girls. The place were dark and out phone's quality are like zzz so sorry for the blurred pictures :( My bad for not bringing cameras..
With Nicole on the left picture and Christinna on the right picture. 

Cheryl Geh on the left picture and Nicole Linn John on the right picture.

With all these pretty ladies <3 (photo credits to Nicole)

BTW, my fellow readers. Help me a little while. Have you seen all the phones? Which phone do you think that suits me? Recommend me a phone here. You can recommend as many urbanites as you want too!

3 simple steps to recommend me:
1. Connect your facebook to the page as shown below
2. Click on the phone which you think that suits my personality
3. Click recommend button
Lastly, My outfit of the night:
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Bonita

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