Nu Teen Acne and Pimples Away Sleeping Mask

November 29, 2013

SPM are finally over and no more stressing up myself with all those books. We all knows that whenever we stressed up, pimples starts popping out from your face and it's just disgusting and ugly. Before SPM I had big pimples on my cheeks and it's hideous! Now that I found out a Acne and Pimples Away Sleeping Mask. You can now get rid of pimples overnight.

It's a Jelly Type of mask where you just apply it on your face and it will dry out within 5 minutes.

 You don't wanna see how ugly my pimples is. This is by far the worst pimples I have the time this year. Thanks to SPM for stressing me up.
Now that I've been using it for one month. around 2-3 times a week. My Pimples are now gone! It actually got better in a week but I didn't really have the time to be bother about it. Now I can say, NU TEEN is a trustable product and it work well for me!
You can but in any Guardian, Watson or Tesco. Just by the Facial Product section. It cost around RM 25.90. 

Now SPM are finally over, all I can do is watch movie and exercise! Gotta be fit you know :D That's it for today. I'll be back for more. Time to design my header. xx

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