Beauty Haul - 3CE Face Glow and Cream Blusher

December 09, 2013

Today I headed over to Gurney with Yuenie, Lim and Sis without the family cause we overslept and they were extremely hungry and they left for lunch without us. So we four had our lunch together. Well not. Yuenie and sis had Taiwan Shilin and I had Boost and being healthier. Whereas Lim was no where to be found. o.O Then we head off to GOO GOO to hunt for stuff!
The original plan was to hunt for 3CE stuff which is Face Glow and Shimmer Stick but luck is not on my side, shimmer stick was out of stock. I took the Face Glow without hesitating and then they have this promotion on 50% off on 2nd item I spend a while to choose. At last I chose cream blusher since I find it useful cause i'm that pale and i need something peach-pink on my face. The blue sponge is actually for you to blend well your foundation or any base make-up.
You can be member of GooGoo when you spend above RM 200 and I was that close. So I was ask if I need to buy anything else. Then Yuenie bugged me to buy a makeup set and found this Bamboo make-up set. 

I've been hunting for lashes since I need it for my upcoming prom. This lashes cost RM 89.90 and thank god for 50% off for 2nd item. 

After becoming a member off GooGoo, they had this lucky draw for the new member. And my luck was to get a cosmetic stuff. I get to choose either lipstick or eyeshadow. I don't really like lipstick so  chose eyeshadow for no reason. The eyeshadow was green and I don't think I'm gonna use it. Now I regret for not picking lipstick.
Back to the main topic for today, I present you 3CE. It is also known as 3 Concept Eyes and it's base on famous korean brand namely Style Nanda. I'm sure all of you knows about it. The first stuff I get is Face Glow. They have 3 colors namely, #Santorini #Monaco #Bondi Beach. I chose Monaco cause it helps from dull skin to bright skin. I NEED THAT!
You can see the difference after I apply them. On left is before and on right is after. YES I know, I'm that pale. That's why I need something. And maybe a lil lightning effect but trust me, my skin really glows.

Then I have this cream blusher. It's basically like any blusher but it's cream and you dab it onto your skin. Really useful *DO NOT APPLY TO MUCH, You'll look like a crazy clown.

I really love 3CE and I'm waiting for my shimmer stick. If you wanna know how to use them, you can log on to their website and they have instruction there. I'm glad that I actually spend that much today I don't know why. But spending on 3CE definitely no regrets.
This is both combine Face Glow and Cream Blusher. I LOVE IT LOT. Sadly there's no shimmer stick but i'll wait!

That's it for today! I'm really excited to buy more as I already have some in my mind already. Gonna wait for my shimmer stick and I'll blog about it! Can't wait to go shopping for clothes! Damn those year end sale. It makes me go cray. Till here xx.

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  1. Hi ^^ this is my first time visiting your blog!
    I'm eyeing on 3CE face glow and I really want to try it someday
    Thanks for sharing <3

  2. Thank you for stopping by ^^ Its really good to use. especially you mix in with your foundation or bb cream. it gives you more natural look and blowy :) you're welcome