Jonlivia - Unisex Phiro Back Support

February 28, 2017

Hi guys! How have you all been? I'm doing very well alongside with my newly semester begin and juggling between work, family, and studies is hard but I am trying my utmost to do so. 

As you all know, I do work as a model and with all these long hours sitting in lecture class could do bad for my back and I would loose my body posture by hunchback. Being a model, having a right body posture is utterly important and to begin with it, we actually do stand by those walls with our back leaning straight towards the wall to ensure our body posture is right. By doing that, I actually loses time by standing there but now, Thank you Jonlivia for saving my time.
Before that, let me shortly introduce Jonlivia to all of you.
Jonlivia is a body perfecting fashion company whereby they sell body shaping product to fashion sports wear. They provide ready wear to work, school, home or daily exercise.


  1. Helps to correct poor back posture
  2. Train your body to keep your shoulder back
  3. Helps to correct scoliosis and malformed spinal curvatures 
  4. Helps to relieve posture related to back pain, shoulder pain and headache
  5. Pulls back the shoulder, straightens neck & align spine
  6. Walk like a model and gain confidence as soon as you got your posture on.
It is easy to put on and you can do or work normally, All you have to do is put it on for 1-2 hours for 1 or 2 times daily and you shall see the result of you having a better posture when you first stand up. 

 To wear the Phiro,

Put on your bag as if you're carrying a bag pack.

Put them in the hole provided as shown in the picture above

Pull the bigger band and cover it all over your waist. *Made like velcro type material so easily attached*

Lastly, pull the small band that you have inserted through the hole and attached them as shown on picture above.

And you're done! 

I've been wearing this ever since I received my phiro for 10 days straight. I wear when I was watching TV or eating and battling against my laptop for back-to-back korean drama for 1 - 2 hour or more everyday. 
I have a not that bad posture but this phiro helps me to deal my back and neck ache. Sitting in front of the laptop for hours can really hurt my back cause i'm a lazy sitter and I sit however I want which leads me to all these ache.
Now I have to thank you Jonlivia for giving this wonderful gift that I could use everyday to save my back. You know I wanna live old and I don't wanna face any back problem issue.

You can now get yours now at here

That's it for today. Save your back now so you won't regret in the future! Take Care people.

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