Coxrx Make Me Lovely Cushion #21.5 [Review]

February 20, 2017

Hello! It's been awhile since I did my last beauty product review. Today i'm gonna do a review about Cushion! I love using Cushion rather than foundation as I believe it contains much more skin care benefits. I recently came across to Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cushion while I was scrolling through online shop. I've seen many many good reviews for acne skin about Cosrx product but I have yet to try them as I no longer have acne issue. However, I came across this cushion and I said I must try this! 
And I bought them.
I was actually looking for a cushion for me to use for my trip in Korea as it's winter season there and I myself am using April Skin (Black) and I don't believe it will keeps my dry skin moisture enough. My April Skin (White) is almost finish so I just wanna use this opportunity to try other product.
Sadly, I was too last minute and the parcel didn't make it till the day I already reached in Korea. So I didn't use this product throughout my trip in Korea. I only use whatever is left for my April Skin (White).

Typically, before buying any product, I will do a short survey and if it's good to anyone then it's a green light!

Before that, if your wondering why is it in shade of 21.5. They add in 0.5 to shade number 21 for extra bright and hydration.

 Like any other cushions, it comes with a puff.

As you can see from above pics, 
What I love about this product :-
Brighten my skin
Hydrates my skin (contains green tea water)
Its not cakey (allows you to touch up your make up anytime, but could be vary depending on your skin)
Long lasting even though I sweat but I didn't wipe using tissue as if i'm cleaning my face. 
Coverage is not bad, it covers dark spots of my face.
Natural looking. (Skins glows) 

What I don't like about the product :-
I'll be honest that I don't like the design (HAHAH)
When I apply this, the weather was extremely hot AND I sweat a little bit, my face gets tiny bit of oiliness and if this happen, I assume i'll get oil seeds the next day and I really did but it's just one. 

Overall, I will try to use more about this product but I am now in a forever summer season country and that would make the result vary. Thats very sad. Anyway, i'll keep you update about this product more. 
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xx, Cheryl

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