S.O.S [Sensation Of Sound] - Ipoh featuring PromoteLa

August 08, 2016

Hai guys!! As you guys would have probably know, I made a trip down to Ipoh with PromoteLa team alongside with other Ambassador from KL. Stated on my title, SOS Club is the most happening club in Ipoh!

Bigger than any club in Penang that I ever been. Or maybe I only goes to a few :P
I was 'kinda busy' therefore, I didn't took any photos but all these photo belongs to rightful PuiSan :)

VIP Lounge located at second floor.
Would definitely love to go back there one day. I was caught up on phone and I didn't really get to party well, also I was tired from whole day activities hence, I call it a night and head back to our homestay while others, still partying. 

also remember to use my code upon booking!

That's all for today!! 
xx, C

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