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August 10, 2016

Hi there!! Here's another food review when I was on my trip to Ipoh with PromoteLa Ambassador.
Le Maison is located right across M Mansion. It's a perfectly place to dine in with your special ones including your family or your love one.

Their house tea set which is available in selection.

I chose Chamomile Tea.

NOTE: My apology for not writing down the names, as I can't remember most of it. Too much dish to remember. heh sorry ^^ 

 Honey Smoked Duck Salad (RM 25)
I never touch Smoked Duck ever since my last experience of a terrible taste smoked duck.
To my surprise, this smoked taste perfectly fine! Although I still prefer smoked salmon over smoked duck. 

Main Course
 Fish n Chip (RM 38) 
Really huge portion. Wanted to order this at first but thank god I didn't. I don't think i'll be able to finish it after my Salad.
  Pan seared lamb rack with yogurt mint sauce (RM 38)
Roasted Salmon with Hawaiian Sauce (RM 38)
My dish! Salmon was really good alongside with the sauce. 


 Seafood Scampi Pasta (RM 33) 

Nachos with Cheese and Salsa (RM 18)

 Bacan sausage and egg wrap (RM18)

Chocolate Ice cream made from belgium chocolate is LOVEEEE. I always like chocolate ice cream but I hardly eat them but who cares about diet when this Ice Cream taste SOO GOOD.

It's one of the best place I shall recommend to dine in at Ipoh!

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That's it for today!

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