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July 20, 2016

Hi guys!! I am so excited for some reason. Last week, I made my trip down to Ipoh with PromoteLa as their ambassador and I must say, going down to Ipoh has never been that easy for me! I don't need 2 hours of drive down to Ipoh but 1h 15 mins of train ride (KTM).

I booked my train at 755am and I made my way down to Bukit Mertajam at my earliest so I don't missed my train as it was my first time travelling alone. I woke up at 5am and I don't care how many hours of sleep I had which were barely 2 hours but I don't wanna missed my train or what if i'm having problem when I'm there. I always got myself prepare before travelling but, sadly I was a bit rush in packing therefore, I FORGOT MY CAMERA. Yes. 

Anyways, let's break the ice and let me introduce you Convi Car Rental.
If you ever wanna make a trip down to Ipoh also with it's well known name as Food Paradise, but you don't wanna drive down cause it's tiring? Fret No More, cause now Convi Car Rental is here for the rescue. You can simply book your train or flight ticket, and Convi Car will pick you up at any destination.

How to book your Convi Car?

Simple steps.

Step 1 : Download PromoteLa apps (Only available on Android, IOS is Coming Soon)

Step 2 : Register yourself

Step 3 : Search for Convi Car Rental

Step 4 : Book!!

You have your choice to choose any of this 3 cars and tell them your pick up location!

Why you should choose Convi Car Rental?

1. Conveniency - Sent your location and they will deliver the car to you
2. Safety - If your car broke in the middle of your trip, no worry. Convi Car will provide tow car and repair service also, with a temporary car for you.
3. What you see is what you get - Clean and good car all at offer. 

With all these 3 assurance, you don't have to worry about your trip in Ipoh!

Download the app now and use my code for extra 5% discount.


Now they are having their promo package for 3 days which is cash back 5%

Kelisa 1 Day - RM 80 x 3 Days = RM 240. Cash Back RM 40
MyVi 1 Day RM 120 x 3 Days = RM 360. Cash Back RM 60
Grand Livina 1 Day RM 280 X 3 Days = 840. Cash Back RM 90

After discount of 5% (with ambassador code)
Kelisa 1 Day - RM 76 x 3 Days = RM 228. Cash Back RM 40
MyVi 1 Day RM 114 x 3 Days = RM 342. Cash Back RM 60
Grand Livina 1 Day RM 266 X 3 Days = 798. Cash Back RM 90

If you opt for one day rental, only normal 5% deduction.
however, three days will have 5% plus additional cash back,

Download your apps now

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