April Skin Review

September 09, 2016

Hi guys! Today i'm here to share my personal review about the highly raved cushion. Take note that this is not a sponsor post, so everything today is from yours truly. Ever since I started make up, I hardly use foundation as I prefer to use BB Cream more. If you must know the difference,  foundation is fully make up product whereas BB Cream have an extra point of skin care ingredients which I believe it will not harm my skin as much as foundation does.

I don't know if you have this issue, but I have this issue on "I don't know which to choose" although clearly, it stated that which is for which but I always have this dilemma. To solve this dilemma, I bought both of them to try them out!

Before I start let me brief about my skin type. I used to have acne prone skin / oily. Tried tons of skincare some helps but not permanently therefore, I gave up and pay visits to Skin Specialist and I was prescribed Isotretinoin. However after taking it for months, my skin gradually became better than never, I receive many good compliments about my skin *Happy*  but I do have some scars.
BUT, due to the medication, my skin has been awfully dry. So for now, I would say, I am dry skin to normal skin.  HOWEVER, my skin is very sensitive therefore, when it comes to make up or skin care, I am very particular about that as I don't want any break outs to happen. 

First, I shall introduce you April Skin Magic Snow Cushion (Black)
Provides moistures and flawless coverage
Suitable for Oily skin & Normal skin

I've been using this for quite some time, but due to my awfully dry skin, I find few patches on my nose and flaky skins. Then comes the dilemma, you know when people say too much moisturization, you will have a pimple. I am afraid therefore I dare not use any moisturising product. But due to immensely flaky skin, I opt for the April Skin Magic Snow Cusion (White) for a try. To my surprise, it worked well for me. There's no break out or anything.

It comes in 3 shades, and I'm using Shade #22 Pink Beige

I can't lie but I must say, April Skin Magic Snow Cushion (Black) is the best BB Cushion I ever use. IF you must know, I sometimes wear make up for more than 12 hours or more and I'm so surprise, my face still looks perfect as if I did touch up but no, I don't have the time or need to touch up. Mainly cause my skin is awfully dry therefore no oiliness occurs.

I've use Magic Snow Cushion (Black) for I don't know how long but it's my 4th Cushion already and I already purchase my next 2 cushion. It's perfect for me that I don't need to use concealer to cover up my scars. But then again, my skin changes and it becomes really dry and I opt for more moisturising cushion

Introducing April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White
Contains 60% water based serum so provides perfect moisturising coverage.
Suitable for Dry Skin and Normal Skin.

What I like about this one is mainly for it's naturalness and moisturising effect. It doesn't have that good coverage compare to the black one but I can compromise with that cause my acne scars is not that obvious.

It comes in 3 shades, and I'm using Shade #22 Pink Beige

Left side - April Skin Magic Snow Cushion (Black)
Right Side - April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White (White)

If you  notice, my right side is very dry and you can flaky skin there, so I tried to use the white one there. On the other side seems normal so I used black.

Before & After - Right Side (April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White)
  1. Moisturises my skin instantly
  2. Coverage is fair
  3. Naturalness checked
  4. Suitable for sensitive skin
Before & After - Right Side (April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White)
  1. Coverage is goof
  2. Naturalness Checked
  3. Suitable for sensitive skin
They said if we wanted more coverage, we can apply second layer which I never always agree cause I always prefer natural looking.

I love them both a lot as I feel it helps my skin. I used them both cause I can alternately use them depending on my skin. Anyways, I must conclude that April Skin is a must have to every girl out there. It now my favourite bb cushion ever. Thank you April Skin for inventing such beauty.

If you would like to purchase them, you can get them at Hermo or Althea as I got mine from them!

Thats all for today, xx C

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