September 12, 2015

Hey earthlings! Its been a real while since i'm here. I got really so busy with what i'm doing that I don't have much time to go for food hunting or trying new beauty product but I promise new beauty product review will be up in no time. But today i'm here to summarise about what i've been doing for this couple of months.

Had my photoshoot session with one of the friendly photographer and friends. There's a lot more of photo but Im sharing a few only.

Then, I participate in Miss Hard Rock Penang 2015. It was an eye opening experience, I get to have fun and I met a lot of nice people there. I've experience winning and losing at the same time. Some say I won their heart but in fact I didn't win anything but it's okay, i've moved on and i'm all about getting ready for my national finals :)

Had a lovely night with my ladies during Mr M20 hunk search in Mansion Twenty. All about drinking and party time :D 

 Before that, Miss Hard Rock Finalist had the chance to appear in FHM 200th issue at Hard Rock and I manage to see Leng Yein in reality. She's really nice and I'm glad to meet her. Best thing, I received bikini sponsors from Mermaid Dreams and shoe sponsor form New Balance! Great times.

Also, I have the opportunity to try waxing and Strip, Ministry Of Waxing. Thank you for having us!! It was a nice experience to know how waxing goes and i must say i love the result of it. I have low tolerance of pain but this maybe i can tolerate a bit.

Nevertheless, I followed baby to World Ventures event and I met Gurmit Singh. 

The latest was Warrior Girl Search at Mansion Twenty with the CAD models.
That sums up my whole time for being absent and there's actually more but i feel it will be too lengthy so short and simple!!

xx, C

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