My Stay in Grand Genting Hotel

December 23, 2014

Hello earthlings! Holiday is coming to an end and I feel so pathetic. I'm absolutely not prepare yet but anyhow,  last week my family and I head up for 2 night stay in Genting and this is no ordinary room from usual. Highland Hotel has upgraded to Maxim Hotel wheres Maxim Hotel has upgraded to Grand Genting.

I love staying in Grand Genting because it's way more comfy than First World. You can see from my pics by what I mean by Comfy.

Comfy big bed is always love. I love sleeping big bed although I sleep alone. Just love having the whole bed by myself.

Big Bathroom with cleaner space.

 A small living area for you to chill.

 Woke up the next day with beautiful view.

The weather was really cool and chilling. Perfect to have a stroll
 Had a complimenrary VIP ticker for Sesame Street Live Show. I must say that this show is not my thing. Absolutely NOT.

 Then had western dining at Bubble & Bites!

That's all for today!! Before that! HAVE A BLAST CHRISTMAS. Remember, not only party hard but party smart. Take Care and enjoy!!

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