Contacts Lens featuring Polkadotz Lens

December 24, 2014

Hello beautiful! Recently i've been wearing contacts and how I can say that what you hear from people about contacts lens make you look more brighter. Well, I must say it's true! 

Contact lens helps to cure our sleepy face. Well you know being a model, our eyes have to be attractive enough to have the energy to play with the camera.

Thank you polkadotz lens for sponsoring such beauty lens. We all always have the fear of buying contacts lens online as we don't know about the quality whether it will harm our eyes or not but Polkadotz Lens offer the cheapest and good quality lens.

 I even wore this Shining Brown lens to my recent photoshoot and I love the outcome of my eyes in the photo.

Wearing Brown Sugar and I look like a doll. 

I even bought other few series of lenses and I love it a lot :D
For best wear it for 3 months only :) It's cheap only so don't harm your eye.

Website: www.polkadotz.myFb page: Polkadotz Lens Fb (1st acc): Fb (2nd acc): nicoleteh8@gmail.comWhatsapp: 016-4420305Wechat & Instagram: polkadotzlens

That's all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I'm heading out for work and being a santarina tonight!

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