Penang - Phuket - Krabi with Star Cruise Superstar Libra [Day 2]

December 27, 2013

Hey there! as promised, my second day trip to Phuket. On this trip, we go as easy and free where we can go anywhere we want but we have to be back by 11.30pm. Thank god my Uncle, Thomas has been there before and he knows a little bit around Phuket Island. He guided us to Hard Rock Hotel and the biggest shopping mall, Jungceylon. Continue reading if you wanna know more. If you haven't read about my first day trip, should you proceed HERE

We woke up at 7am to complete our mission which is SUNRISE!

My lunch was incredibly heavy therefore, my lunch was just only Vermicelli Salad and Apple.
Disembark the cruise around 2.30pm. Hop on the ferry and reach Patong Beach.

Then we walked all the way to Hard Rock Cafe to buy a little.

After walking under the hot sun, we finally arrived at Jungceylon Shopping Mall. It's really BIG. It's more like 3 mall in a place.

Stopped by a cafe, and had some refreshment! CREPETOWN AND SUPER GRILL BAR! It's really weird to have tom yam at such place instead of Authentic Places but at least we have our tom yam!

Had our dinner at Shabbushi. It's a Shabbu Shabbu and Sushi. Eat all you can for 1h 15m. They serves KIMCHI and I can't resist them. Not a fan of shabbu shabbu but kimchi? I gotta have it!.

 The night view at the centre of Jungceylon Shopping Mall.

Embark on the cruise after dinner around 9pm because for those who go on tour came back at 11pm and we don't wanna clash together the crowd. Walked around the cruise since they celebrating 20TH Anniversary. This time, the cruise serves plenty of CAKES! I'm not a cake person and I don't like cream so no cake for me.

With the beautiful Phuket behind me

That's it for my one day Phuket Trip. Click HERE for more about my trip to Krabi xx C

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  1. May i know when reach phuket, the ferry fetch us got any charge?

    1. I think no. You only have to pay for the tour trip :)

    2. Did we have enough time to go to Phi Phi Island? Thanks

    3. Hi, Yes. because we can choose where we wanna go for the day. So if you wanna go Phi Phi Island, you will have to pay then they will droop you at Phi Phi Island.