Penang - Phuket - Krabi with Star Cruise Superstar Libra [Day 3]

December 28, 2013

Hi there! Let's continue to my third day, trip to Ao Nang Beach, Krabi. To be honest, krabi was really nothing. We probably don't know what to do there but we took their taxi to their town area which approximately takes 30 minutes drive. On the third day, it's also the Gala Night Dinner! It's actually a dinner with the captain so we have to dress up formally but of course not all of us had the chance to dine in with captain as they are approximately 1000 people on board. It would crazy for the captain to do so. Anyway, If you haven't reach my second day trip to Phuket, shall you proceed HERE!

We reached at Krabi around 9am but we disembark around 12.30pm. We also went to Krabi as free and easy which means we go on our own. We only had less than 5 hours to spend in Krabi which led us doing nothing much except for walking around the town area to hunt for food and cashew nuts hunting! For a town that have no Thai food is really weird. We were thinking of having Thai seafood like the one we have in Penang (Khun Thai) but sadly they are none. We ended up eating chicken and duck rice in a small cafe and the whether was really hot I just don't have the time to take pictures *I'm sorry.

Spent an hour for our lunch and another half an hour to buy Cashew Nuts and we have to head back to the beach cause the last tender boat is at 5.30pm and we don't wanna clash with the others. We left the town at 3.30pm and took the taxi back to the beach. We walked around a little while and found a few restaurant to rest. The original plan was to walk by the places we went last year but we don't have enough of time cause it will need another 2 hours to do so. So we ended up sit in a restaurant and have a little Thai Food. 

You know we kids, we just have to take pictures!
My hair here just seem so nice!

On this hot sunny day, a coconut water will do good! And did I mention? The coconut here at the Ao Nang Beach is much more expensive than the one in the town. I had this coconut for 60 Baht whereas there are some stall sell at 30 Baht. But in the town, they sell one for 20 Baht.

A very unflattering candid picture of me scrapping the coconut. My coconut was really hard and not nice! How sad life when you're dying for coconut and you have the bad one.

Move back in the cruise, we have to get ready for the Gala Night which the cocktail party starts at 6.30pm but we skipped the cocktail party and I get ready for the Show at 7.30pm. The dinner was separated into 2 batch, the first one is 6.30pm and the second batch is at 9pm. After the movie we walked a little and had our dinner at 9pm. *A very not good time. 

A sunset picture taken by Yuenie. 

Top: Hutz Fashion
Bottom: H&M
Shoe: Charles and Keith

The food was taken by Yuenie, explains the picture. Can't blame her. I asked her to do it since our table were separated into 2 tables and her table were only 3 people so it would be a better chance to take picture. How disappointing the outcome but anyhow picture still a picture.

Let's start with Appetizer - Marinated Jelly Fish with Salmon. I love this a lot!
Soup - Braised Eight Treasure Soup with Shark Fin's loose
Maincourse - Steamed Halibut Fish with Spicy Lemon Sauce. I love it a lot. No doubt my love for fish!
 Braised Sea Cucumber and Deep Sea Shell with Fish Stomach and Garden Green. A not so my favorite dish. I only had the broccoli.
Stir Fried King Prawn with Teriyaki Sauce. I don't like prawn but this is good! My family said this is really good and they reorder for add on.
 Wok Friend Turkey Breast with XO Sauce. THIS IS REALLY GOOD! I love turkey a lot and the sauce is a good combination. I forgotten about my diet at that time. I was really full by then. *Sorry for the very blur picture. Thank you Yuenie.
 Dessert - Chilled Mango Sago with Mango Ice Cream. A normal dessert but love Mango!
After the dinner, at 11.30pm they have a Christmas Eve Party at the pool deck! People were dancing the night away but we just wait at the upper deck till christmas! By the way Sorry for being late, MERRY CHRISTMAS! And again, They are a lot of cakes! And they have this chocolate party but I still prefer last year I went. Chocolate lover should love it!
I'm sorry if I didn't really take much picture. The crowd there was insane but no doubt, this trip is definitely fun! They have another trip on this coming Sunday and if you're going, remember to take as many pictures as you can! And maybe share the link to me so I could see more! I heard people say New Year Celebration on cruise are the best of all. So make sure you do enjoy. I think that's all for my holiday this year. On the last day was really nothing, we just had our breakfast and disembark the ship. Thank you for reading this such long post and I hope you enjoy. 2013 is coming an end and i'm looking forward to 2014. Have a safe holiday and school are reopening soon. Make sure you all enjoy well before going back to school. xx, C

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