Hanaka Pore Reduce Charcoal Mask [Review]

September 16, 2014

You know, applying face mask is what I enjoy doing the most during my free time especially at night before I sleep. I admit, I spend most of my savings on my face product. I guess I really try to have flawless face. Having a flawless face is really hard kay unless you're blessed with one and you don't have to worry..

You know the moment we step out from our home, dust tends to accumulate more on our face (especially for those who have large pores) So to those who have large pores, you must take extra care so your pores is not clogged and no pimples will come!

And to some of you who have itchy hand like me who likes to squeeze our pimples, NEVER do anything to it unless you really have to. I always squeeze my pimples. But if you do, make sure it's all clean so it doesn't grow again.

Anyway, stated on my title, i've been using this product over a few months and I now shall say "it's a must to have this"

Apply using the scraper on your face and let it sit around 30 minutes.

A very raw photo using iPhone Camera after using it for 2 times a week for a month.

What does the product do:
1. Cleanses your skin
2. Pore Reduce
3. Tranexamic Acid Firming Whitening
4. Good Colour Shiny Skin

After I use: 
1. My face is thoroughly clean (You can really feel)
2. my skin care product tend to have better absorbability 
3. Whitening phrases is not really that convincing because I'm also using a whitening product to.
4. Pore reduce I shall not guarantee because after this step, I use pore minimising product too!

NOTE: This doesn't help in acne or pimples but because it cleanses your face therefore acne and pimples can be reduced!

I love this product to the max! And I shall get it after I finish this.

You can purchase this item from Natta Cosme
250g, RM 49.90
500G RM 79.90

They also have a version with different effect. I shall buy and i'll share it with you all ^^

That's all for today, xx C

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