Chocolate Passion @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

May 29, 2014

I know I could be late but today is actually my first time going to Chocolate Passion @ Gurney Paragon despite the facts I do go to Gurney Paragon often. I'm still looking forward to go to Brown Pocket still.

Looking all those chocolates! OMG. Temptations.

As today we were a little hungry after walking around. Sis decided to go to Chocolate Passion for a try since we all haven't try it yet.

For the dessert Section, I ordered Marshmallow Chocolate Pudding (RM 13.50)

Omgosh. Those Marshmallow are really good. I just don't know how they do that. I try to make marshmallow like that and it always melt down. 

And my sis ordered Croissant dip with White Chocolate. (RM 14.50)
I don't like croissant but the white chocolate dips are nice!

They served you white chocolates when you order croissant.

Yuenie ordered Churros dip with Milk Chocolate. (RM 14.50)

I must say the Churros is good! I love the churros and god I just forgot what my diet is about already! 

The environment was really good with the beautiful view right there. The food was alright but if you're not a chocolate person then it's probably not the best place for you. As for the drink it's slightly  overprice that's why we didn't order any drink.

Ratings (1-5 Stars)
Price:★ (Drinks are overprice)

Lot L6.01, Level 6, Gurney Paragon Mall. (Near Penang On 6) Right outside of Sushi Zanmai

That's all for today! Follow me on instagram for more! @cherylwennee. xx, C

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  1. wow! Nice blog (Y). I never notice penang got nice place like this~ thanks for the review^^ ohya mind visit my blog back :)
    thanks! have a nice day~

    1. Thank you! you have a nice blog too! i'll keep on track :)

  2. chanseng here very lazy wanna log in :p
    everything is very overpriced there. especially churros. at alley only rm9 nia + nicer there somemore.

    1. really overprice but it's in gurney places. you can't expect it to be cheap. and no. I like the churros here better :D

  3. hahaha tempting! i still didnt get to try their churros!

    1. i love their churros! but the drinks are really overprice. :/ like it's more expensive than the food.