Délifrance @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

July 02, 2013

Hey guys! I know i've been blogging about food nowadays but hey, i'm a food blogger too! So here what it is. Today is the last day for Yuenie and she'll be heading back to her campus and coming back on friday. I know it's weird but at least I get to see her :D It's gonna be the last time she'll come back until her internship.

Anyway, today after school she picked me and Fiennee up and we headed to Queensbay to have our lunch. And since my sister is being so generous, she decided to buy us a lunch at Délifrance. It's our first time going there and it's a new cafe so they still don't have much food in stock. But we tried several taste and of course, this kind of food never fails me except for the beef. It's doesn't really have the beef taste.

I had the Tuna Croissant cause I heard people said it's nice. Taste better that it's look.

Yuenie had Beef Lasagna. As much as we love beef, the beef isn't that good.
Typical sis, can't live without chicken. She ordered Chicken Lasagna. Taste much more better than the beef one.
But, the Mushroom soup here are heavenly good! It's comes with a set if you add another RM 7 with drinks. They also have mushroom soup in a bread, but I didn't ordered them because if you follow me in instagram, you would know that I had Mushroom Soup at Manila Place yesterday.

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  1. lagsana looks nice! will have a try if drop by QB :)

    1. yup! very nice :P hehe thank you for dropping by <3