Mesmerising eyes with Barbie Eyelands

August 17, 2017

Hello beautiful! Stated above, yes! This post is going to be about having mesmerising eyes. You know people say about a pair of eyes can tells a lot of stories and also it's the first thing to impress people. This is why eye contact is very important. I am definitely not the person who wears contact lens daily but occasionally. The look of transformation is truly by the power of contact lens.
Opting for natural contact lens is always my first choice which means I always choose choco, grey, or brown colour depending on how I want my look to be. Which is why I have choose Barbie Eyeslands simply because they are ;
  • Affordable
  • Good in quality
  • Varieties choice available
  • Natural Looking
  • Available in sizes 14mm - 16mm
I always go for sizes of 14mm which I think it suits me perfectly. I have tried 3 of their contact lens and I'm loving it BIG TIME! They are just too pretty. It's hard to find nice and natural design for contacts lens other than optical brand.

So here's a few look I tried with Barbie Eyeslands Contact Lens.

Fairy Grey (14mm) - RM 25

Oh My Pearl Choco (14mm) - RM 25

I Choose choco over brown is because I find Choco are more natural looking in colours. It also suits my hair colour so, wearing choco colours is my ultimate choice.

Oh My Pearl Grey (14mm) - RM 25

Contacts lens are always advisable to wear not more than 8 hours as you don't wanna dried up your eyes which ending up having headache and eye pain (I suffered before).

Also, it's recommended to wear your contact lens not more than 3 months for hygiene purpose. I mean 3 months is reasonable for the price right? 

That's all for today people! You can get your beautiful eyes you ever dream of at Barbie Eyeslands Website. 

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